I have been tagged 3 times

Oh my I have been tagged 3 times by 3 lovely ladies Jeanie, Christy and Val
Why oh why they would think that there could possibly be anything interesting to say about me... who knows!!! lol
So I have to write 7 things about me and then nominate 7 others to be tagged and that way we all learn more about our blog friends... [I am now sitting here with my thinking cap on so come back later and I will hopefully have 7 things to write about]

1. 9 years ago I had a boob job; I always felt like a boy as I was REALLY flat chested so having the boob job was one of the best things I ever done for ME!

2. My early years I lived in lots of different places as my dad was in the Army, I was born in Aden as he was stationed there at the time. I loved living in Germany.

3. The best job I ever had in my life was nursing; sadly gave it up when my eldest was born but would have loved to have continued with it.

4. I believe in U.F.O.'s, my mum used to worry as I wanted to be one of those people who was "abducted" lol, of course I wanted them to bring me back but I was so fascinated by the whole subject.

5. I love to read, I have to have a new book in the house to start when I finish whatever I might be reading at the moment. I have just started the Secret Life of Bees as recommended by Sam. I love James Patterson and watch for his new books all the time.

6. I love music and couldn't live without it; 2 highlights for me were seeing the Bay City Rollers live in Newcastle and getting waved at by Woody (the one I had a crush on) and seeing Diana Ross live at Wembley... I was one happy girl on both occasions

7. and finally.... I have happy memories of my time at boarding school and I am so glad that I have reconnected with my friend back then (I was 11) on Facebook, so welcome back into my life Rachel.

That's it, as you can see nothing super duper about me just an average person but hey you might have learnt something new about me.

Who to tag?
1. Charline - an American girl living in England, drop by and visit her blog. She is such a warm person and it would be so lovely if she had more visitors to her blog to make her realise that she is a special person x

2.Kelly Kilmer I have recently found Kelly's blog and it has wonderful content, drop by and be inspired.

3. Stephanie Loomis A delightful mix of life and art, I admit to lurking here, must leave more comments x

4.Wendy Vecchi a great blog, you may or may not have visited, give it a go you will enjoy it x

5. Angie Hall Haviland drop by and see what the delightful Angie has been creating, she makes the reader feel so welcome.

6. Linda Cain Pop by and see what Linda has been creating, she always has fabulous eye candy on her blog...

7. Susie Jefferson I enjoy grabbing a coffee and having a read, another great mix of art and life.

So there you have it, 7 nominees. There are so many people in blogland that I like to visit and I can't include them all, doesn't mean I value their blogs any less just think that it is nice to introduce new people to the blog friends who drop by my blog.
Take care all of you xxx hugs from me


I should have posted this yesterday but the time got away from me. Yesterday Jazz was 18. Can't believe how he has grown up and that he is now an "adult". He didn't go out as a lot of his friends have not yet reached 18 so he couln't go to the pub with them... he is going out on 1st November to have a proper boys night out.
So 18 years with Jazz... he entered the world after an 21 hour labour which was awful, and ended with an emergency ceasarian. He had such a long cord, it was wrapped around his neck and body 3 times and so he was cutting of his blood supply everytime I had a contraction. Suffice to say he was okay when he came out :-)
He has been a football lover/player for as long as I can remember and is busy doing his scholarship at the moment... not many people get to study and play football everyday, his passion.
He received some wonderful presents and loved his cake and cards. We celebrated at home with an Indian takeaway (his choice) as I couldn't go out because of the dental situation! lol. His team Chelsea won in the Champions League so that rounded his day of nicely.


Gabby made the cake

I made the card, he actually loved it :-)
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Post Surgery


These 2 delightful brooches are from Linda East at her Etsy store

And this is of the delightful Charline as a Thank you to me for a present I sent her, she made this delightful scissor holder THANK YOU!

And the last is the Collage for a Cure which I bid for and won from Christy

Christy has also tagged me so I will get my thinking cap on and then write 7 things you never knew about me... are there 7 "interesting" things about me? who knows!!!
Just thought I would let you all know that my dental surgery went okay. I sure look a picture at the moment, no top teeth and a mouthful of stitches - but hey the worst is over! Hopefully I will be able to wear the temporary denture by the end of the week and then once the implants have had a chance to settle I will have lovely teeth... I am not a vain person but I never realised how much not having teeth affects your face! Needless to say I have been a recluse this week. I did venture out on a dog walk yesterday with Lorraine but made sure I had a scarf to cover my mouth. Halloween is fast approaching and I would make an excellent witch Trick or Treating lol. I have taken a couple of photos and once the treatment is complete I am going to do what they do on all good make over programmes and show before and after shots (feeling brave or stupid not sure which!)
Anyway enough of my mouth. The pictures here today are what I have received in the post, it is always great to open mail when it is not bills, reminders and junk mail :-)
I have 2 new books to read, Cate Coulacos Prato (Author) "Mixed Media Self-portraits:
Inspiration and Techniques"
Kelly Rae Roberts (Author) "Taking Flight Taking Flight:
Inspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit
Winginspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings - A girl can never have too many books
Talking of books I finished "THE BOOK THIEF" mentioned in an earlier post and I can only say that it really touched me. I had to compose myself numerous times during the last 20 or so pages and then in the morning I woke up, thought about the book and cried again.... I highly recommend this book :-)
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Thought I would blog without pictures

My blog has been neglected as I have not been creating much lately. So I thought I would share with you a little of what has been going on in my life.
People I bump in to often say "Hi Dawn, what you been up to?" to which I normally reply not a lot really same old same old. I don't like to say when I have been creating, not sure that people would be interested so I don't tell them about that aspect to me and a lot of them have no idea that I occaionally produce stuff. I like to blog about it cos I know my friends that I have made in blogland get me, know what I mean. So I share here and with Lorraine, Gabby and Sam.
I have been trying to keep my mind of the impending dental implants that I am having done on Friday; if I don't think about it I won't worry. My main worry to be honest is the anaesthetic...fingers crossed it all goes well and I wake up, and that I don't feel anything during!!!
To keep my mind of the surgery I have been reading a wonderful book "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. I am totally enthralled by this book, it had me hooked from the first page, I was fascinated to read it and see that it was narrated by death,a really unusual way of looking at the characters in the book mainly a young girl, her foster family and a Jew. Set in Nazi Germany in 1939 it is amazing. Click on the book title to learn more about the book.
Started watching one of my all time favourite films last night "Once Upon a Time in America" [Rober De Niro, James Wood] boy I love this film, childhood friendships, betrayal it is all here - a long film but worth watching, and as for the score oh my what can I say the music is so poignant, it went on too late so I Sky+ it and will watch it at my leisure.
I have been watching X Factor which I love (like American Idol but with different groups boys, girls, over 25's and groups) and unusually for me I have been watching the Big Cat on BBC1 following Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards in Kenya. I don't actually like watching animal programmes as I get upset when the animals get killed, but this is fascinating and heart in mouth stuff at times....
Still looking at houses, the one in Pluckley would be my dream home if not for the distance to where I am now and the ghosts... China would so not live any where she thought there might be ghosts, googling Pluckley Ghosts will tell you all about the village.
Seen all sorts of houses but not in a rush till I find "The One".
That is about it for this post, a little of what I have been doing just to let you know that I am still out here lol, take care everyone, love from me to you xxx


A Wedding Gift


The family are going to a wedding on Saturday, chance to don some glad rags :-). As might be obvious from the picture the happy couple are Martin and Karen. They have been together for a while now and have two children. Anyway I thought I would make them a canvas which could be used to incorporate a wedding photo. This is a lovely deep canvas and I distressed it with paints and moulding past. Added some metallic letters and some rusted vines from Paper Whimsy and finished it of with a rusty heart tied with co-ordinating ribbon. I have put a temporary picture in it and covered the back with old pages distressed. I have not put anything to hang it as I thought it would work well sitting on a shelf or mantle piece. Hope they like it...what do you think? :-) Dawn x
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Decorated Frames


So what do we have here? Well I have been decorating some frames. From left to right top row - 1.painted bg, scroll stamp and then some 3d toppers on this one.2.Painted bg then scroll stamps. angelina fibres along the bottom and embellished with seashells.3 Purple bg, embellished with jewels and has stamped crackle effect on it.
bottom row 1.painted burnt orange bg, crackle stamped and then painted foam letters and stuck them on. 2.Painted bg, then I added aluminum tape which had been run through my cuttlebug and embellished with fabric flowers and swavorski crystals.3. green painted bg, added lace and buttons to keep it simple.

Again left to right top row 1.Painted bg, crackle stamp; again aluminum tape through cuttlebug and then embellished with flowers and crystals. 2 Painted bg, found jewellery pieces and heart word stamped and edged with gold krylon pen. 3.Distressed bg with friend and friendship stamped on it embellished with silver buttons.
Bottom row 1.Distressed bg with crackle stamp, and foam stamp words painted to embellish. 2 Brown bg, edged with flower ribbon and then fabric flowers and crystals to embellish.3.Finally, a plain distressed painted bg with crackle stamp and a single found piece to embellish.
So there you have them - hope you like them, I enjoyed making them, absolutely fabulous to get into my room and CREATE!! Joy of joys.
Oh and I am so excited I have booked up for a Craft weekend next March...I am so excited; I shall be going with Gabby and Lorraine so it should be a blast. I am so looking forward to being taught rather than my usual muddle through to see what happens :-) Happy Dawn!!!

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