I should have posted this yesterday but the time got away from me. Yesterday Jazz was 18. Can't believe how he has grown up and that he is now an "adult". He didn't go out as a lot of his friends have not yet reached 18 so he couln't go to the pub with them... he is going out on 1st November to have a proper boys night out.
So 18 years with Jazz... he entered the world after an 21 hour labour which was awful, and ended with an emergency ceasarian. He had such a long cord, it was wrapped around his neck and body 3 times and so he was cutting of his blood supply everytime I had a contraction. Suffice to say he was okay when he came out :-)
He has been a football lover/player for as long as I can remember and is busy doing his scholarship at the moment... not many people get to study and play football everyday, his passion.
He received some wonderful presents and loved his cake and cards. We celebrated at home with an Indian takeaway (his choice) as I couldn't go out because of the dental situation! lol. His team Chelsea won in the Champions League so that rounded his day of nicely.


Gabby made the cake

I made the card, he actually loved it :-)
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Linda East said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZZ...what a cool cake and awesome BD card..I sounds like a good time was had at the Gold House...Luv Mum
PS: Damn you look good (even without teeth..lol)to have those big kids, you could always say "Oh Stuart had those big kids when I married him"...lol

Jeanie said...

Happy Birthday! What a fabulous cake and card! It's good to be back online!