Post Surgery


These 2 delightful brooches are from Linda East at her Etsy store

And this is of the delightful Charline as a Thank you to me for a present I sent her, she made this delightful scissor holder THANK YOU!

And the last is the Collage for a Cure which I bid for and won from Christy

Christy has also tagged me so I will get my thinking cap on and then write 7 things you never knew about me... are there 7 "interesting" things about me? who knows!!!
Just thought I would let you all know that my dental surgery went okay. I sure look a picture at the moment, no top teeth and a mouthful of stitches - but hey the worst is over! Hopefully I will be able to wear the temporary denture by the end of the week and then once the implants have had a chance to settle I will have lovely teeth... I am not a vain person but I never realised how much not having teeth affects your face! Needless to say I have been a recluse this week. I did venture out on a dog walk yesterday with Lorraine but made sure I had a scarf to cover my mouth. Halloween is fast approaching and I would make an excellent witch Trick or Treating lol. I have taken a couple of photos and once the treatment is complete I am going to do what they do on all good make over programmes and show before and after shots (feeling brave or stupid not sure which!)
Anyway enough of my mouth. The pictures here today are what I have received in the post, it is always great to open mail when it is not bills, reminders and junk mail :-)
I have 2 new books to read, Cate Coulacos Prato (Author) "Mixed Media Self-portraits:
Inspiration and Techniques"
Kelly Rae Roberts (Author) "Taking Flight Taking Flight:
Inspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit
Winginspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings - A girl can never have too many books
Talking of books I finished "THE BOOK THIEF" mentioned in an earlier post and I can only say that it really touched me. I had to compose myself numerous times during the last 20 or so pages and then in the morning I woke up, thought about the book and cried again.... I highly recommend this book :-)
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Jeanie said...

Hey! I just tagged you for the random things, too -- over at the Gypsy! Well, you can do both! (Mine is only for six though!)

Surgery? I've been a bad blog checker lately -- gotta scroll down. Hope you are well...

barbara burkard said...

sounds like you are moving right along!!! love the goodies you got! can't wait to see your pictures!!!!

big hugz and much much much love!!!

Christy said...

poor baby! stitches? why didn't I realize that they would be putting stitches in. arg! I am not a vain person either but I would be a recluse too until the healing. I can't wait to see your pretty smile when all is said and done!

Linda East said...

Thanks for showing the heart broaches...I am so glad you liked them..Can't wait for you to be well enough to do art...Susan had read The Book Thief and now I am reading it at your encouragement..Luv Mum