OWOH 2011


It is here, the 5th and final ONE WORLD, ONE HEART EVENT click on the title to found out more information about how you can join in - trying to get the picture to upload is not working for me.
This event was started by Lisa Swifka who created this event in 2007. The original idea behind this giveaway event was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way. If you would like tobe a part of this great international event, go to Lisa's blog and have a look at all of the information regarding participation.
Well I have LOVED being a part of this magnificent event so here I am with my offerings.


So we have a bottle that I have done some soldering on and painted the glass as the 1st prize

The second Prize is a hanging heart piece which is a work in progress... check back to see the finished piece.

And the 3rd prize is a Book of Gratitude, a little place to right down what you are grateful for. Me I am grateful to OWOH for allowing me to connect with so many wonderful people.




All good things come to an end and this is the 5th and FINAL YEAR of ONE WORLD ONE HEART. I have enjoyed participating in this and have met some wonderful people by being a part of it.
LISA has done a fabulous job organising this event and I would like to applaud her for her sterling work...take a bow Lisa xxx

So I shall post on the 30th what my "prize" will be.

I love visiting Diane Salter's Blog and had to own a piece of her art work, so I ordered these from her new Etsy Shop

A beautiful shadow box

A Pendant, this is the front

This is the back
It has gorgeous bead, and when I have worn it I have had so many compliments, give yourself a treat and go visit.

Off to take some antibiotics as I have a chest infection - hence the reason I have been feeling so run down.

Take care, Thanks for dropping by




I didn't get any art done today but I did take my camera out and capture this photo on my dog walk.

I joined BlipFoto to encourage me to take a photo a day, I have some gaps to fill in, took the photos but forgot to upload.
There are some fabulous photographers out there but it is for the total amateur to the professional; the aim is to journal your life through your camera so if you like photography it is for you.

I have been "working out" the fun way with the kinect, it is a laugh but such hard work. Proud of the fact that I did the 100m in 9.89 secs and the 200m hurdles in 17.79 secs, not bad for someone pushing 50!
I would recommend this over the Wii because you seriously move!!!

Going to watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, loved the 1st one of specials on this subject and now there is a series... so for now
Bye xxx brief post, but hey I posted YAY!!!


Phew! I got in my art room

It has been so long, I was worried about picking up my paints so I thought I would use my copic pens and some scrapbook papers.
This is what I came up with "A Dreamer".
I suppose that has been me and so I thought it appropriate that my lady should be one too.
I am so happy that instead of just dreaming about creating I finally have done something about it, now I have the itch to dust off the cobwebs and go for it....
The background papers and embellishments are from the BoBunny and Fancy Pants Design ranges

I have put her in my moleskine sketchbook along with my other ladies.

The weather is wet and and awful here so what better excuse than to get into my art room, never mind going out, just stay in the dry and have some fun...

Whatever you are doing, hope you are having fun too...
Till next time,
Take care, Love Dawn



So I mentioned on my last post that I had some exciting news. Well....this year is the big 50 for me and I am getting my wish granted.
My wish was to be able to visit an Art Retreat in the US of A as there aren't that many in Good Old England. I am so HAPPY to announce that my wish is being granted by my darling husband, and in October I am attending the EAST COAST ART RETREAT
I still have to pinch my self, really I am so excited that I am going to have to ease the butterflies between now and October lol. Being 50 has it's benefits :-)
I will be flying in on the 4th October and returning home on the 11th October.
It was so hard to determine which classes I would be taking but I have gone through them all and chosen 5.

on the 6th October I will be taking a class with Stephanie Lee The Book of Selvage

then on the 7th October I have opted for another Stephanie Lee class PAINTING MINDSCAPES
The fact that my 1st too classes are with the same person is actually coincidental, I didn't look at the name of the tutor when choosing classes but rather the subject matter. Another factor was the supplies I would have to bring to the class myself.

On to the 8th October and I will be doing a MAGICAL BOOK OF SHEROES with Lesley Venable. I bought Exploring The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Art Book Vol I when it came out and so I am looking forward to meeting Lesley

Moving on, on the 9th October I will be attending a class with Nancy Lefko MIXED MEDIA FARMERS MARKET

And finally a Woodburning class with Kathleen Nesi BURNT OFFERINGS
I was really excited to see that Nancy and Kathleen were sharing a page with their art in this months Somerset Studio...this came after I had booked the class - happy days.

The flight, hotel and workshops all booked now it is just a matter of being patient.

I will be doing a Tim Holtz workshop here in February so that is something to look forward to.

I am going to create something today, I know not what as yet but I really am going to GO FOR IT!!!

Till next time, Thanks for dropping by - and hey you never know I might meet you at Art Is..You if you attend

Bye for now
Love, Dawn


A new Year a time to blog again

It has been so long since I have blogged or visited blogs, I was in the doldrums for the latter part of the year. I have rarely been in my art room but I now want to dust of the cobwebs and get going again.

The latter part of the year should really have been an happy time, and in some respects it was.
My world was thrown of kilter when I nearly lost my husband. To elaborate, I mentioned in a previous post that I was taking my husband Stuart on a cruise to Egypt.
We had to go for jabs to cover us and so off we went to the Doctors Surgery. I was feeling immensely nervous, don't ask me why because injections don't normally worry me. Any way we went in to see the nurse and Stuart told the nurse she should do me first as I was feeling funny. To cut a long story short all went without any drama, jabs done and we left the surgery.
We got in to the car to return home, Stuart did a u turn to get on to the main road and said that he was feeling rough, he stopped the car and as I looked at him, he was unconsious BOOM! just like that. I jumped out of the car, screamed to a man to get help from the surgery and tried to revive him, no success. A doctor from the surgery saw me and I screamed to him for help, he came running over and between us we tried for about 3 minutes to resuscitate him, after what seemed a lifetime he came around, he was given oxygen at the roadside and an ambulance was called, off to the hospital we went and after 5 hours there and numerous tests nothing was found wrong with his heart etc. and we went home. It really shook me up, and Stuart, and try as I could I couldn't find it in me to do anything, I kept reliving the moment.

I think the Cruise we went on was absolutely fantastic, there are lots of photos on my Facebook page under Red Sea Magic. I am thankful that I still have Stuart in my life and I am trying to stop dwelling on the what might have beens...

Christmas was then approaching, I was ill with flu for the first time in years, then the snow came so it was hard to get into the Xmas spirit.
Off we went to Spain, Stuart, China and I (with Jazz planning on following a week later)
A traumatic time in a lot of ways as it was the 1st Christmas without Stuart's dad who passed away in May. We got through it, and I have nothing but love and admiration for my mother in law Tricia for the way she has coped and continues to do so. Jazz didn't make it, he couldn't bear the thought of sitting down for dinner without his Grandad.
Happily he was able to spend Christmas with his big brother Dwain, that was a special time for them.

So now I am back, I have some exciting news which I will share tomorrow but I just had to bite the bullet and get back to my beloved blog....if you are reading this, THANK YOU for not giving up on me