So I mentioned on my last post that I had some exciting news. Well....this year is the big 50 for me and I am getting my wish granted.
My wish was to be able to visit an Art Retreat in the US of A as there aren't that many in Good Old England. I am so HAPPY to announce that my wish is being granted by my darling husband, and in October I am attending the EAST COAST ART RETREAT
I still have to pinch my self, really I am so excited that I am going to have to ease the butterflies between now and October lol. Being 50 has it's benefits :-)
I will be flying in on the 4th October and returning home on the 11th October.
It was so hard to determine which classes I would be taking but I have gone through them all and chosen 5.

on the 6th October I will be taking a class with Stephanie Lee The Book of Selvage

then on the 7th October I have opted for another Stephanie Lee class PAINTING MINDSCAPES
The fact that my 1st too classes are with the same person is actually coincidental, I didn't look at the name of the tutor when choosing classes but rather the subject matter. Another factor was the supplies I would have to bring to the class myself.

On to the 8th October and I will be doing a MAGICAL BOOK OF SHEROES with Lesley Venable. I bought Exploring The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Art Book Vol I when it came out and so I am looking forward to meeting Lesley

Moving on, on the 9th October I will be attending a class with Nancy Lefko MIXED MEDIA FARMERS MARKET

And finally a Woodburning class with Kathleen Nesi BURNT OFFERINGS
I was really excited to see that Nancy and Kathleen were sharing a page with their art in this months Somerset Studio...this came after I had booked the class - happy days.

The flight, hotel and workshops all booked now it is just a matter of being patient.

I will be doing a Tim Holtz workshop here in February so that is something to look forward to.

I am going to create something today, I know not what as yet but I really am going to GO FOR IT!!!

Till next time, Thanks for dropping by - and hey you never know I might meet you at Art Is..You if you attend

Bye for now
Love, Dawn


Diane said...

Oh Dawn this is wonderful. I live in the US and have never attended an art retreat--You'll be so renewed with all of these workshops--not to mention a very cool vacation. What an awesome birthday present!

Anonymous said...

Is this the one in Conn? I debated on taking some workshops this year, but hubby is climbing in So. America!

I'm going to look up the classes, etc, and see what YOU will be doing in your 50th year....you spring-chicken! heeee

Happy to know you and Stuart are going to be there together...what will he be doing?

Wish you were going to be closer to my state...we'd have a cuppa!


barbara burkard said...

GIDDY WITH GLEE!!!! whooop whooop....yep...gonna wrap my head around this...WE ARE GOING TO MEET!!! oh goodness...the east coast won't be the same...again!

Anonymous said...

wow thats GREAT!!!! Good for you!!! I can imagine how difficult it is going to be to wait that long! Enjoy and show us lots of pictures! :)