I didn't get any art done today but I did take my camera out and capture this photo on my dog walk.

I joined BlipFoto to encourage me to take a photo a day, I have some gaps to fill in, took the photos but forgot to upload.
There are some fabulous photographers out there but it is for the total amateur to the professional; the aim is to journal your life through your camera so if you like photography it is for you.

I have been "working out" the fun way with the kinect, it is a laugh but such hard work. Proud of the fact that I did the 100m in 9.89 secs and the 200m hurdles in 17.79 secs, not bad for someone pushing 50!
I would recommend this over the Wii because you seriously move!!!

Going to watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, loved the 1st one of specials on this subject and now there is a series... so for now
Bye xxx brief post, but hey I posted YAY!!!


Healing Woman said...

Congratulations on your upcoming class. It is so hard to work these things in but very important to keep up with art. There are so many new things out there.

Your cute redhead on previous post turned out great. Love the transparency effect.

Glad you are back blogging!

barbara burkard said...

love love love that picture!!!! omgoodness...so very cool!!! will have to watch those puddles from now on...and maybe catch a glimpse of something really special!!! BIG HUGZ AND LOTSO LOVE!!! SMOOCH