As they say in Books - THE END!!!!!


So there you have it, all the pages from the book that has taken me quite some time - but I got there in the end....
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Just about there now - hang in there!!!!

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Can you take it??? even more pictures!!!

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Here are some more pictures of Wedding Book

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More pictures of Wedding Book

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Hooray it's completed - THAT!! Wedding book


At last I can share my wedding book with you all, I am so pleased that I have completed it - Wedding on Saturday.
Maybe now I will believe in myself and use the Paper Whimsy and Artchix images I have to do something for the groups. Have to get over the fact that both groups have such talented artists - but anyway I have made this with love for the happy couple and hope you enjoy looking at it
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Wedding Guest Book

Apologies for neglecting my blog, this entry will be brief but I felt I should post an entry to explain my lengthy absence.
As you may know from previous blog entries I have been working on a Wedding Guest Book, well believe it or not the Wedding is nearly upon my - 29th September to be precise. So for the reason I have been concentrating on getting it completed. I have enjoyed doing this project, but it is time consuming. Once it is done (I hope to have it completed this weekend) I shall concentrate on other projects, using my Paper Whimsy and Artchix images to name a couple of things. Also looking forward to doing some jewellery making ( a new avenue for me inspired by Carol at Ingeniously Creative) watch this space in the future.
Sue asked me to write about my summer holidays so if I get a chance I will. Thats it for now.


So what is new then?

It seems so long since I last wrote in my blog, at least a month.
To be fair I have been busy with this and that.
So I am back from Spain, how long ago my holiday now seems. Kids back at school. China is into her last year - although she wants to stay for 6th form to do photography; toldher that she has to get good grades to ensure that she can stay.
Jazz has got himself a scholarship to play football and study - he is so happy, what a lucky lad he is because football is his life, not many of us get to do what we want,so I hope he appreciates it.
I have been quiet on the crafting front, basically because I have been trying to get this house in order so that I don't feel guilty when I spend time doing what I enjoy.

Sam called me and invited me around to look at her wet room - well ain't I the lucky one because it is absolutely stunning, I would want to eat my breakfast, dinner and tea in there as well as move in the TV - it is DIVINE! and lucky me she gave me some of the tiles that adorn the wall to craft with.

What else...got some new books to read, joined www.shelfari.com to share books with friends on line - check it out.

Carol at Ingeniously Creative put me on to a website by Eni Oken a jewellery maker so spent time looking around there.
Been dipping in and out of others' blogs, love to see what others are up to...

That is all for now
gonna post some pics next posting off different aspects of Mont Lucon in France - watch this space

Quiz - what color am I

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I can't believe how accurate this turned out to be...amazing!!!