Thought I would blog without pictures

My blog has been neglected as I have not been creating much lately. So I thought I would share with you a little of what has been going on in my life.
People I bump in to often say "Hi Dawn, what you been up to?" to which I normally reply not a lot really same old same old. I don't like to say when I have been creating, not sure that people would be interested so I don't tell them about that aspect to me and a lot of them have no idea that I occaionally produce stuff. I like to blog about it cos I know my friends that I have made in blogland get me, know what I mean. So I share here and with Lorraine, Gabby and Sam.
I have been trying to keep my mind of the impending dental implants that I am having done on Friday; if I don't think about it I won't worry. My main worry to be honest is the anaesthetic...fingers crossed it all goes well and I wake up, and that I don't feel anything during!!!
To keep my mind of the surgery I have been reading a wonderful book "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. I am totally enthralled by this book, it had me hooked from the first page, I was fascinated to read it and see that it was narrated by death,a really unusual way of looking at the characters in the book mainly a young girl, her foster family and a Jew. Set in Nazi Germany in 1939 it is amazing. Click on the book title to learn more about the book.
Started watching one of my all time favourite films last night "Once Upon a Time in America" [Rober De Niro, James Wood] boy I love this film, childhood friendships, betrayal it is all here - a long film but worth watching, and as for the score oh my what can I say the music is so poignant, it went on too late so I Sky+ it and will watch it at my leisure.
I have been watching X Factor which I love (like American Idol but with different groups boys, girls, over 25's and groups) and unusually for me I have been watching the Big Cat on BBC1 following Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards in Kenya. I don't actually like watching animal programmes as I get upset when the animals get killed, but this is fascinating and heart in mouth stuff at times....
Still looking at houses, the one in Pluckley would be my dream home if not for the distance to where I am now and the ghosts... China would so not live any where she thought there might be ghosts, googling Pluckley Ghosts will tell you all about the village.
Seen all sorts of houses but not in a rush till I find "The One".
That is about it for this post, a little of what I have been doing just to let you know that I am still out here lol, take care everyone, love from me to you xxx


Sarah said...

Hi Dawn, glad you are doing ok
Hope you get to find your dream home
Hugs Sarah xx

G. Ferrao said...

Hi Dawn,
Don't worry too much about the implants, you will be fine, I had them done with anesthetic - well good luck on your house search and hope you find the right one!

G. Ferrao said...

I left you an earlier comment, but cannot see it - I like your choice of music, it is so much like mine!! would love to have it on my blog, pls let me know how?? I have also added myself as your blog follower.
Thanks for sharing your talent with me!

Dana said...

Hey Dawn, just wanted you to know I stopped by and read through. Good luck with the surgery!! And wanted you to know you can show me or talk to me about your art anytime because i do "get it". Your work is lovely.


Linda East said...

Well Sweet Dawn..it is 3 oclock your time on Saturday...I am hoping and praying that you are asleep and not hurting. Can't wait to see those new "pearly" whites and that it was all worth it. Keep smiling...lol Luv Mum

Christy said...

Hope that all went well with the dentist. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end! In the mean time you have been tagged!

barbara burkard said...

my thoughts have been with you sweet angel! hope things are well..!!!! Maxx had his first dental visit...the other day...i put some pics up...of him...lol...he TRIED to hide and disquise himself...lol...

thinking of you darlin

sending my love and hugz!!!

Jeanie said...

Dental implants? Oh, Dawn -- I'm so sorry. I hope the surgery went well and you are doing all right -- not too uncomfortable. I contemplated that about two years ago for something and ended up with a crown which was less expensive. Either way, dental work is no fun. Glad you're still house hunting -- hope that's fun for you!

Later, my friend.