The morning after...

Wow! what a day yesterday was, how amazing was THAT wedding. I cannot believe how relaxed the HAPPY COUPLE were, they were so confident in their LOVE that it made every part of the day so SPECIAL.
Here is the Wedding Cake
The Royal Wedding Cake
Detail on cake
The Royal Wedding Cake

and the alternative cake - Rich Tea biscuits and chocolate that William loved at the Palace as a boy.
The McVities Chocolate Cake

and the people came...
Crowds gather outside Buckingham Palace

and so the Happy Couple partied in to the night as did I, a wonderful end to a beautiful day

maybe not a Royal kiss but a kiss from my Prince none the less.
Thats's all for now - can't wait to hear where they will honeymoon, me I never had a honeymoon couldn't afford it lol, but through the good times and bad times we got to where we are today x


Jan said...

Haaaa, we didn't have a Honeymoon, either. We were young and broke. But apparently that didn't matter since we just celebrated #41 in Feb. I see you and hubby are still blissfully in love...:)

Great photos of the Royal Wedding. Aren't they cute? Love the cakes and her dress is georgeous. I saw the strapless one she wore afterwards. Stunning.

Love your photos and I'll be seeing you tomorrow at Merry Month.


trisha too said...

Awww, great post--we didn't have a honeymoon, either, but after 22 years, that doesn't make any difference, does it? I love my prince, too!