Back online

I had no internet from Wednesday afternoon through to Friday so have not been able to blog. I really hate it when I can't connect, surprising how quickly I have come to rely on the net.
Anyway I didn't waste time, I managed to do some creating.
The Art Is...You  group is having an Egg Swap organised by Betti Zucker.

I created this one with a plastic egg, the type that you get a toy in. It was a garish pink so I covered it in paper and then painted with Paper Artsy paint in Vintage Gold, I then added the wings of a butterfly that was hanging in my art room; added a flower and then some Distressed stickles and a flower to finish.

 This is a smaller egg, the bird was cut out of a paper napkin, then sequins were added.
 This one again was created by using a rose from a napkin.
and this one is covered with a green and gold paper, some blink added and then a pair of earrings on front and back. My photography is not up to much, they actually look better in real life.

I went shopping too Bluewater with Stuart last night, well not shopping exactly had to go and exchange some faulty goods - a jumper, some wellies and a purse.
I had to ask for some more of this paper
it is a tissue paper with script on it as you can see, it is what they use to wrap purchased goods in in the All Saints store - my Stuart was laughing, and said to the bloke "You don't know how happy some paper has made her" Oh well, not bothered cos it was my gain :-)

I have started to gather my supplies for Art Is... early I know but I do have lots going on before then so thought I should organise myself.
Here are some of the delightful goodies for the Ruth Rae class I will be taking...

Finally, 2 more of my blog2print books came this week. I just LOVE looking through them and reminding myself of what I have done in the past.
It's funny because I used to get lots of comments left on my blog, this has diminished but I still keep blogging because the books are an incentive now... I love the fact that my children will have a record of what I have been up to in the future.
That's all for now, Till next time - take care xxx

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brigitte said...

your eggs came out wonderful. i have been sick. so i have not even thought about eggs.