Another day Another Post

Weekends in my house I don't actually get a lot of creating time as I spend it with the family. I baked cakes this weekend which went down well, then decided I needed to get on the Wii Fit, have to remind myself that I am 49 this year and that the body needs to be serviced with exercise more so these days.... trouble is though that since I have started baking I am really enjoying it and it is so hard not to sample the offerings for the family, after all I wouldn't want to give them something I wouldn't want to eat myself, now would I? :-)
I was rather upset at the weekend too, had to wake up to the fact that my baby China is growing up and that Jazz is not going to be a teenager much longer.
China has been looking at going to Greece with her friend Kim this summer, I am glad that she is going, but sad at the same time, the long 6 week family holidays have come to an end, now I realise the kids will be doing there own thing, so adjustments needed.....she has promised to save a week of her holiday to come to Spain and Jazz is going to come for a week, maybe 2. Life!

Here is a spread in a Journeying Journal that I created for Mariette. Cupid draw back your bow is the title for this one.

This one is for Denice's journal, the 2nd spread I have done for her. Wishing on a star is the title for this one.

New Year, new project on HANDS AND HEART NING, this is for the Zodiac Journal.

I have signed up for Suzi Blu and Misty Mawn classes too... everyday is a learning day so I thought what the hell and joined these fantastic classes, I will sort out buttons for the side bar as these classes are so worth looking at and joining xxx

And make no bones about this (sorry about that) but I LOVE this swap piece I received from the lovely Val Foster, we agreed to swap for a while and finally got around to it... I love all the texture going on with this. Val is so creative with the materials she uses and the ideas she comes up with. THANK YOU Val and prayers coming your way from me xxx


The Crafty Chick said...

Oh I'm on Misty's class too Dawn....haven't watched it all yet cos the 2 youngest daughters nabbed the laptop and got stuck in before me....liking what they have done so far tho! Millie (yr 7) is doing portraits in Art at the mo, so she was really into it.

Renee said...

Your women are looking fantastic.


Christy Laudig said...

Dawn...I really like the very top journal picture...the colors are fabulous and the way the two pages and images flow are great! Keep up the great work!!

trisha too said...

wow, Dawn, these are gorgeous.

you are going to be one busy arty lady!


thank you for stopping by my blog, by the way--I appreciate your comment.

Jeanie said...

Oh, Dawn, I know what you mean about their growing up. Our relationship with both Greg and Kevin is different now that they are older -- in some ways even better, but much less available!

Thinking of you!