Another Face


So here I am attempting my 2nd face, these are so hard to do, getting the shading done etc. I think I will work on these at home. This is because the heat is so intense here that the acrylics dry so fast and speed is essential to achieve any sort of result. Never mind at least I have tried.

(added this picture a few days later - as you can see the eyes look "better"; can you spot the difference?)just looking at work and then going back to it can help to see what needs doing, just a bit more tweaking required on this face... and this sort of reminds of Penelope Cruz???

The holiday is less stressful now but I seem to be spending more time watching the Olympics - always had a passion for this and find it hard to drag myself into my art room to create. My family think I am nuts when they see my crying as medals are handed out, but hey you gotta admire all these amazing atheletes for their achievements.

I will have to sort through and upload some holiday pics to share with you all, hope the Summer is treating you well wherever you are. PEACE
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Linda East said...

Oh my gosh...I cry at every medal presentation that I watch..no matter what country they are from, I just think about all their hard work and their asspirations to win a medal, and then to see the look on their faces when they place that medal around their neck...it is so awesome...

Anonymous said...

I think faces are fun so much fun to draw! As a matter of fact I used to sit in school drawing faces instead of doing my math and English. I guess that's why I can draw faces but don't remember much else of JR HIGH! It was so boring for me and I used to love to practice drawing expressions and sillyness. The only thing I see missing here is expression she doesn't have much! She is beautiful though and I love her background as well. Perhaps since you have writen the word dream she could have more of a dreamy expression? Hope this helps! Sanna Banana