ONE WORLD ONE HEART and A little gift

TODAY'S POST.... What do we have today?

An Award, from Mary - have you visited her blog? If not you are in for a treat...Mary creates the most amazing art using animal skulls, real cicada wings, well don't let me spoil it for you go and check it out, click on her name to be transported there...
I will be passing this on, soon, it will be hard as there are so many old blogs and new ones I have found who are worthy of this award...(need to get my thinking cap on)


This is a box, a plain old box that had a perfume set in it, you know the gift sets you get a Christmas; so I altered it as I am doing a "swap" with a friend in the States of ephemera and I thought it would be perfect to put the items in the box.
As soon as I can get to the Post Office it will be on its way.
I would like to say that the image is from Tuscan RosePatty has some beautiful images; this one is called Sally and Roscoe
I am pleased with the way it has turned out, in fact it makes me smile when I look at it... is that wrong? I call it the box of delights :-)

The snow has had me confined indoors for the most part - not a bad thing, given me a chance to catch up on little jobs, read and create.
I plan on getting more art done in the next couple of days, hope to see you here, Thanks for dropping by


Renee said...

Hey Dawn, nice work on the box.

Thanks for stopping by. I love the banner too. The artist is Kelly Vivanco.


Renee said...

Dawn thank you for coming to my party. I recognize you, you are the beautiful woman with the long dark hair.

Your comment Dawn was very generous and you know what I believe that you have that courage already. It is in you and one day, being the survivor you are, you will put what you need to in its place.

What I have found is that we are always strong than we think, especially if we have some people that we can tell our truth to and than they can tell us we are loved anyways.

Love Renee

HeArt Collective said...

hi sweets!
i love this little box... the image makes me smile (i'm a dog girl) and your work is really beautiful.

have fun...