Home Sweet Home Journal Page

Here is my 2nd Journal page. A journal is supposed to reflect what you are thinking, what is important in your life at any given moment right? Well I was thinking about family and home today. Got a bit stressed with Stuart loosing a wheel key for his new car. I was fine until he started loosing it and pulling everything out to look for his lost key... me trying to tell him to stay calm, loosing his temper wouldn't solve anything yada, yada, yada! Jazz not helping by making jokes etc. so not the right time... anyway the key turned up, as I knew it would and peace was restored!
I can't believe how stressed I got and needed something to calm me down so I picked up my journal. And this is the result.
Notice the keys in my hair, all right they are not the wheel nut key he was looking for - but they are keys and symbolised the cause of the stress today :-)
Home Sweet Home are on the lips of the girl as this is what I found myself muttering sarcastically when the house was in uproar looking for said key.
Then as I started to work on the journal images of what is conceived as a perfect home jumped out of my stash to be used - so I went with it.
I loved the man and woman in the kitchen and the little saying "Knowledge is more than equivalent to Force" true words indeed!!!

So what makes a home in your opinion?


Christy said...

I think I did a page about home... for someone who just started doing journals like this late last year I already have so many of them that I don't remember which it was in. It is going to happen to you too! :) I love this page. And the drawing is beautiful too. My favorite part is how you placed the words on her lips, so fun!

Carol Stocker said...

Beautiful journal pages Dawn...your sketching is fabulous; I LOVE the self-portrait!

Today, after returning from 9 days of vacation...home is snuggling on "my own" couch with "my own" kitty Gingersnap. :-)

Hugs, Carol

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

I love your pages - I have added you to my bloglist to follow. Keep your art coing.
Dana (from journaling 101)

Stephanie said...

I love your new page. Keys seem like they can represent sooo many things in life, in a good way!

Thanks for sharing,


Renee said...

Dawn you are totally kicking ass with your journal pages.


Thanks for the story and the laugh, I'm sure we have all been there when your husband can't find something and then he acts like he is on his period and you want to tell him to fuck off.

har har.

Love the page, it is amazing.


B.Valianti/myth maker said...

I am getting really inspired by your journal pages, Dawn. I have dozens of journals filled with nothing but words and doodles, which has been my forte. But this new journaling is calling me. My latest journal is about a quarter full, so I guess I'll keep that one as is... but I do have a small leather bound that someone gave me years ago, that I've never used. I may give this new creative journaling a go with that one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I am sorry it took me a while to get back here,The link you sent me on facebook wouldn't work, but I finally found my way back here to your blog...Journaling is always a great release, wonderfully expressed emotions in your journal.
Thanks for sharing with us!