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I am posting a piece from Izabella in respect of Joanna Pierotti's husband Ron. I would like to stress that I have posted the widget to the sidebar to contribute BUT and I cannot stress this enough, having posted this I do not want any one who visits my blog to feel that they HAVE to contribute.
Times are hard globally at the moment and for some people monetary aid is a no no BUT
PRAYERS are FREE and so I hope that if you are struggling at this time that you can keep Ron and Joanna in your prayers. THANK YOU

The following is what Izabella had to say...

"So today, I ask you once again to put your prayers and good thoughts into action - this time for Ron Pierotti, husband of beloved ZNE member, JoAnnA Periotti. Ron has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and this week he and JoAnnA were informed that without immediate surgery, Ron could die within the month.

This is an unthinkable terrifying situation, complicated by the fact that due to the economy, Ron was recently laid off, and he is without health insurance. JoAnnA needs our words of support and encouragement, you can find her ZNE Page, here:


And fellow ZNE-er Izabella Pierce put together a Chip-In widget for those of you who can contribute even a dollar or two - these donations will go directly to the Pierotti's to assist in the expenses they face right now."

blog can be accessed by clicking on her name

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