My first E bay listing

Here it is my 1st ever piece of work listed on E bay..!!! Can't believe I have done this, but I have... if it sells it sells, and if it doesn't C'est La Vie.
Clicking on the title will take you to my page on E bay.
I loved creating this piece A Mother's Dream... inspired by a mother daydreaming about her daughter's future.
It is a mixed media canvas and I love all the elements of it. I will let you know if it sells :-)The picture on the left shows the colors better.

What is this picture all about you may ask...let me tell you

China went camping last night, with her college mates. Loaded the car up and headed of to the activity center. Got there and asked where the campsite was. "Go through the center with your hazard lights on and then you will see a hill down and then up.
So I drove and came to this "hill"!!! Well let me tell you I DO NOT do roller coaster rides and when I saw this hill it put me in mind of one. I sat there looking at it, turned to China and her mates and said "girls out you get, you have got to walk it, no way can I drive that!!" China was like you are joking mum, but I think the look on my face told her I was not...
Fortunately for them (and me) another girl camping said that she would take them up to the field where they were camping - huge sigh of relief from me I can tell you!!
So off they went into the depths of the woods and I went home... China had a good night but came home and slept, guess they didn't do much sleeping.

Today I posted of some dominoes, over on Facebook their is a group called Heart Collective and there are 87 participating in a domino swap. So here are mine for you to see... they are wrapped in the organza bags - can't wait to see what dominoes I receive in return, don't you just love swaps.
Loved using my dremel for this, it has lain dormant in a box for oh such a long time!

I shall leave it there before you fall asleep, Thanks again for dropping by xxx


barbara burkard said...

hee hee...looks like the ups and downs of life there all photo'd out for the journey! great picture! and the dominos are STUNNING!!!!

big hugz and love

mary schweitzer said...

I know you will sell your work. This piece is just lovely. Soft and feminine feeling. Beautiful work.

Renee said...

Dawn the picture for ebay is amazing. I love the sentiment.

I love your dominoes too. So fun.


Love Renee

Jeanie said...

I LOVE these dominoes. Oh, I want so much to do art again! Only a week (I hope) before the sling is off! These are fabulous.

(And I don't do rollercoasters, either!)