Shoes....don't you just love them!!!


Oh my gosh I am so excited because I bought these beautiful shoes, I absolutely adore them. My daughter thinks they are awful but hey what does she know?!!!
A girl can't have too many shoes now can she? when I saw these they shouted out at me to buy them, I tried one size on (my normal size) and they were too big so my dh said try the smaller size, I did, not holding out much hope that they would fit...but think Cinderella - those shoes were made for me. So I rushed to the cash desk to pay and walked out of the shop one happy bunny! Just had to share with you :-)
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patty said...

great shoes but then I love funky shoes. I am certain though that I will break at least one bone with those heels. I have to stay close to the ground when it comes to shoes.

Anonymous said...

hey dawn I LOVE the shoes! and your artwork, you are a
very clever girl - with VERY good taste!!
Sam xx

altered melissa said...

HAHa I love them too.. but I think they would awesome altered!! *wink*

Eastjewels said...

OMG...Dawn...These shoes are you. When I first looked, before I read your post..I thought you had altered them yourself....they are toooo fine...just the thing for a lady about town...I think you should wear them all the time...son's football game ...grocery store...shopping..where ever...I love them..they just should have had BB on the bottom..that would have made them perfect.

gulfsprite said...

I love your shoes Dawn, great find. I can see these with that perfect pair of jeans, jean capris or even a jean skirt for spring.

barbara burkard said...



Carol ~ Spirit's Journey Designs said...

Hi sweetie, the shoes are very BB! They are perfect for you! Hugs!

Sabii Wabii said...

OK these shoes are to die for!! I though maybe you made them.
The art book your your friend also turned out great. I'm enjoying your site.