Paper Beads

Wowza!!! had a lot of fun today trying something new, paper beads for the challenge or should I say lesson on the Artists Circle yahoo group.

The first thing I did was take a brown paper bag and then I randomly painted it with my acrylic dabbers in greens and copper. When it had dried I stamped on it and left to dry.
Once it had dried I rolled it round straws and stuck it down with glue. After this process I dipped it in utee to give them a glassy look.

This is what I ended up with, the utee melt pot I have had for a while but never really used it. I have lots of the paper left so I shall make some more beads, and try and add different embellishments to them.
I will have a stash of beads to hang on fibres etc. to decorate projects.I will cut some of them down so that they are smaller, I am so proud of myself - another 1st, I seem to be having a lot of them lately, but hey it's good to do something new as often as possible


gulfsprite said...

Your beads look great. I really like the glossy look you gave them with the UTEE. I haven't tried that product yet but I might need to now that I have seen these. -Christy

Anonymous said...

Wow Dawn, do you realize how many visits you have had!!? Your blog count has really been going up, up, up!!!
Love you beads! You certainly have been a busy little bee thse days!!! Hugs, Carol

wahm922 said...

I love your beads - they look great!

LInda (Okla) said...

Dawn....Your beads are fabulous....just fabulous darling.......they are so Betty Boop!

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Linda (Okla)

Anonymous said...

Dawn your paper beads are FABULOUS!keep coming up with your artful ideas...I enjoy learning from your blog! hugs, charline

Rosie said...

Dawn - what a triumph!! These are gorgeous beads and it sounds like a lot of fun too! :D So many things to try, so little time... *sighs*