PW Swap and a Canvas

WOW! what a delightful swap gift I received in the post, you may recall I was in a PaperWhimsy "Whimsy Word Journal" swap... well my Journal came today and I LOVE it, check this out.... wouldn't you just love a Journal like this, I love that Lynda Ozzauto personalised it for me, Lynda if you drop by and read this I have to say A BIG THANK YOU for creating such a magnificent Journal xxx

My car was in for a service today, so living where I do it meant that I was confined indoors. Well within the limits of my house and garden. The sun was shining it was such a mild, sunny day that I decided to cut the grass.
I also thought I might see what I could come up with today. I started off sticking papers to a canvas, like a patchwork and following on from the theme of my last endeavour I decided to do a Patchwork Quilt in homage of Nature.
Once I started I couldn't stop. I then painted a Frida Kahlo-esque lady on it, not Frida but inspired by her. Then I added painted butterflies, added strips of shredded paper with text on as a nest, some birds, some flowers and I ended up with a piece that I think is quite good.
I used some jewel beetle wings that I got from Hannah Grey Curiosities The bird at the bottom in the middles was from Kristin Hubick and I just thought it might work on this piece.
Added prima flowers which I got from Paper Whimsy few stamps and rub ons and voila a finished piece.

So that is it for another blog post, Thanks again for dropping by BIG HUGS XXXX


Diane said...

Dawn--she's gorgeous, with all the details too--I love this!!

Barbara said...

This is a great painting collage, I love Fridaesque lady.

Diane said...

Dawn, I just saw your questions on my blog (thanks for coming) I usually paint or whatever (stamps, crayons, etc) on just plain cardstock, but also scrapbook papers that I'm not real crazy about. They buckle, but when you collage them on something, it doesn't matter. And you're talking about the link within feature on my blog ("you might like this") It's not part of the blogger set up--there's another website to go to--


My son helped me do this, and I can't really remember how we did it, but I know it was really easy. Just go to that website, and I think it's pretty self-explanatory. And maybe you can help me--I can't for the life of me figure out how to get my email on my main page!!

Debby said...

Hi Dawn, this is really beautiful, what a great swap.

Christy said...

The details to the eyes and lips are just lovely. Great job with this!