My beautiful daughter China is 18 today and I am so proud of her. She is such an independent person, doesn't suffer fools gladly and is most definitely not a follower.
She does her own thing, her fashion style is hers - she doesn't conform to the norm, she wears what she likes and that is that! In her year book when she left school she had 2 awards - the 1st "THE MOST UNIQUE PERSON IN THE YEAR" and the 2nd "MOST LIKELY TO BE A MILLIONAIRE" so not bad really.

She is a loyal friend, she has had tough times where she has been bullied (mainly due to her hair color in the past) and gets hurt very easily. She hates a liar, she would rather you told her the truth - and if you do she doesn't judge you; so always be honest with China.
She is a generous soul too.
She can be moody at times, and won't EVER back down if she is right.... she will have the last word if she thinks she is right. If she is wrong she is quick to acknowledge and apologise.
Her bedroom, well that is a different story - China could be a nomad - she could live out of a suitcase - oh wait she does when she comes off holiday, I have known her to take 3 months to empty a suitcase.
She is a talented singer, she used to love art till her art teacher drained her so much that now she doesn't bother - she loves photography.
She is loved by her 2 big brothers Dwain and Jazz, woe betide any boy who hurts her!
Daddy's girl too - wraps him round her little finger - BUT they have moments when they clash big time and I have to step in to be referee....

So for the 18 years of happiness my daughter has given me, I salute her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHINA - LOVE YOU MILLIONS XXXX


Linda Manning Findley said...

oh she is beautiful and looks so much like you ...... Linda F

Healing Woman said...

What a beautiful tribute to your daughter on her birthday. That is such a nice picture of the two of you together. I'm sure she cherishes this post.