Up to the mountains

Today Stuart and I went out on a magical mystery tour - we headed up into the mountains to see where we would end up

We then passed this wonderful old house - this one looks like it has been recently abandoned; there are lots of abandoned fincas - some with collapsed roofs etc. The reason these beautiful old houses are abandoned is because the water supplying the homes has run out - imagine that you have a natural well where you water comes from, once this has gone it is impossible to continue to run it as a home.

I took lots of video footage and then we headed back to the coast to a pretty fishing village called Villajoyosa (pronounced Villahoyosa)
I love Villajoyosa, it is more built up now but there are still many quaint fishing homes still there to see - I believe it is a Spanish heritage sight.
Let me tell you about the fishermen's homes; as you can see they are all different colors. Why? well basically when the fishermen returned from a stint at sea and stopped of at a bar before heading home they could identify their homes by the colors - oh and when they were at sea they could identify their homes in this way too.

Can you see this quaint little door, see how tiny it is - the Spanish people for a long time were a tiny race - better diet has made that this generation is taller than their great grandparents and grandparents

The Spanish are very religious - especially in the small communities and a lot of the houses have religious images on like this one...

so there you have it - some photos from our lovely day, before I go let me tell you that we stopped at a lovely little Spanish restaurant - a very popular one judging by the number of clientele frequenting it... I really liked every about it, the food, the ambience... but I didn't like this..

this is a sparkling water that Stuart had with his lunch - I had a still water. However, I drank my bottle and as we were leaving I thought I would have a mouthful of Stuart's - believe me he nearly wore it, it took all of my will power not to spit it out - it was gross, like drinking alka seltzer or aspirin YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

Hope you enjoy the photos and if you want to use any then feel free to do so
Thanks and hugs till next time


Healing Woman said...

This was such an interesting, informative post Dawn. It's too bad about the water supply running out. The first home you show is so charming.

I laughed at the point you made about the men coming home from the bars wanting to be able to identify their homes. I had heard something like this before.

I love finding unusual restaurants to dine. I always avoid chain restaurants. Those fizzy waters are awful. I've had similar ones to what you experienced and I agree..yuk!

barbara burkard said...

your photos were GORGEOUS!!! We seem to take for granted that the water will be there when we turn on the faucet...

...and as for those fizzy waters...UGH...I AGREE!!! LOL


carylsrealm said...

Wow! Gorgeous photos Dawn!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Such beautiful pictures, and I just love that the houses are all so colorful-especially that purple one.

zUzU said...

=^..^= Your pictures are lovely!

Such a treat of gorgeous colors ... I feel as if I've gotten to take a mini vacation to Spain! xo zU