Twas the night before Christmas

And I just wanted to share with you all a very special card I received this year from 5 year old Rhosie - she did a picture of Mary and Joseph as you can see, and for a 5 year old I think it is wonderful. It is what Christmas is all about so I saved it for todays post.

I want to say to all the wonderful people who I have met in bloglandia, on yahoo groups HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all.

Christmas wishes also go out to Gabby and John down in New Zealand, visiting their daughter Nic and her hubby Ryan as they celebrate the birth of Kade- 1st grandson - much love to them from me, sure I will have lots of pictures to look at when Gabby gets back.

My girlfriends - Natalie, Lorraine, Sam, Carol and Charline - all the best to you all; each and every one of you is in my life to keep me sane and I THANK YOU all for that!! You all have such individual special qualities that light up my life - so stay just the way you are all of you....

This Christmas I have been feeling quite melancholy - certain things make you stop and think about life....maybe it is the time of year.

Anyway the table is set, ready for tomorrow (minus the food of course - lol) the veg is prepared, I have beside me a small tipple of Plaisir d'oro (which translates to Gold Pleasure - appropriate) it is a delightfully, delicious blackberry drink - creamy like baileys and probably as many calories - but hey it is Christmas Eve.
Presents wrapped, all under the tree ready for the excitement in the morning - Samantha and Lorraine wondering what it is you have given me...not long to wait now.
My darling husband asked me what I wanted...so I told him my craft stuff i.e. paints etc. waiting for me when I get back to England so that I do not have to cart them back and forth anymore - my wish has been granted, the order has been placed - see you can have what you wish for sometimes...
Anyway MERRY XMAS to one and all HAVE A PEACEFUL AND JOYFUL XMAS and eat as much as you like ( I have profiteroles and pavlova for desert [homemade] so I just know that the calories are NOT being counted tomorrow lol
till next time
much love from me to you xxxx


Anonymous said...

yes, i can see them too. what a special xmas card this is! thanks for your kind comments dawn! ha, and i LOOOOVE your tree topper, betty looks like an angel up there. hope you had a cheerful christmas and a happy new year!

Gina2424 said...

Happy Holidays, Dawn!!

Gina2424 said...

Dawn- Thanks for visiting! Just type "Blythe" in ebay, etsy, Flickr- you won't believe it! There are quite a few UK members on the This is Blythe forum too. If you go to Japan or Hong Kong, I'll send you a shopping list!