I won.....

How happy is this picture, this is me with my in laws - they have just presented me with a prize - for what you may ask.
Well this was taken on Boxing Day and we had had a guessing game to see what we would be having for lunch at their villa on said day.
Whilst they were at our villa on Christmas day we all had to guess what we would be having, because traditionally we always have bubble and squeak at theirs Boxing Day. When we arrived I noticed this fabulous looking present at my place setting with a label on saying "You won"!!
And my guess - curry. My mother in law Trish is a fabulous cook and she made a lamb curry with poppadoms, nan breads, rice, bombay potatoes and lots of different dips etc.
So even though we had been disappointed at the thought of not having the traditional dinner this was alleviated by the wonderful lunch that we did have.
And inside that wonderful box - the most scrumptious Valor chocolates.
Valor chocolates are from Spain, there is a chocolate museum in Villajoyosa and lots of Valor chocolate bars - if bars is the right word. Basically the menu is all things chocolate and one of the favourites is a cup of thick chocolate with churros (like a doughnut but long and thin) to dunk into the chocolate - very rich and mucho calorias!!!!
If you love chocolate you will love Valor...

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paru's_circle said...

great seeing you all in this photo.. who doesnt love choccies?my hubby collects the wrappers, hes got some real old cadbury ones too.. we had sampaka(spelling?) dd gets one for xmas from work. all the best to you and yours for the New Year

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

look how adorable you are!!! Happy New year! xoxo joanna