My Family


Thought I would share a picture of my family, taken at Steve and Toni's wedding.
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Gabriela Delworth said...

Good morning!

Thanks for visiting my blog and kind comments. It's been busy with my classes. I also teach seniors, wait to see what they make, they are amazing!
*We have thick fog today...and it's mild...
I guess "Welcome to England"? :o)

Have a great day!


Ingeniouslycreative Carol said...

Hi Dawn, my hubby and I were having our morning tea with your blog! I never show him blogs but yours he just HAD to see!!! He love it!!! .......I was trying to locate the picture of you and your family. That was the very nicest, sweetest, lovliest picture I have ever seen on a blog anywhere Dawn. I don't remember if I left a comment but this email can be your comment on it!!!! I loved it, you have a beautiful family! Handsome hubby, gorgeous (and probably smart!) children, and lovely you! You are truly blessed my friend!..................and you are sooo talented too!!!
xoxo Carol