I was sitting watching TV last night and was wondering what to do in my journal; decided to do a zentangle, don't know if I have done it de riguer but hey I enjoyed it and loved the effect I achieved. More to the point I did a page for the journal and tried something new.

As it is Halloween today I would like to wish all those that take such joy out of this holiday a very Happy Halloween - hope you get lots of treats and don't have to do too many tricks!!!

Tomorrow here in Spain it is a national holiday, being All Saints Day or the Day of the Dead. All of Spain treats this as a national holiday so my last day here will not be spent shopping. Packing will be the order of the day in preparation for an early departure on Friday.
Today was spent in Alicante going around all the shops, husband and son went one way, me and daughter went around all the perfume, make up and fashion outlets - FUN!!!!


Lisa said...

Wow! Your zentagle is awesome. I just started one about 5 hours ago, how ironic. It's my first as well. I will post it on my blog when I get it completed, and will cross post to the stampers list, so you can grab it from there.

Goldbettyboop said...

Thank you - cant wait to see yours xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn
Love the zentangle now i see what you were on about looks really effective... Must have a go.Looks great well done!!!!

Patti said...

Why don't mine ever look like this?
Every time I try one of these, I always feel like I got a bad grade on an assignment when it's finished.
Maybe I should practice them more - I suspect they would teach me a little more patience in my approach to art - I'm an immediate results kind of girl most of the time. LOL Must not be taking enough time to really get into them. Beginning to see where the whole zen part fits in.

Anonymous said...

How do you create a zentangle? Are there any basic how to instructions, or guidlines? Or just doodles?


Goldbettyboop said...

Hi AnaMaria, if you check out www.zentangle.com it is pretty much explained there. I just did my own thing once I had a quick look at the site, so mine not be as strict as they are supposed to be but it is fun to try.

Good Luck