Gee it's good to be back home!!

Here I am back in England, left Spain 8 am Friday morning and got to the Eurotunnel at Calais at midnight, then on the 1.30 train back to England. After such a long journey the last thing we needed was the French customs debating whether or not to pull the car to pieces; luckily they decided against it [I was glad about that cos of all the art stuff I had in boxes and bags lol] and just had the drug dog run around the van and sniff it inside and out. No surprise that there was nothing to find - so heyho on our way.

Got back to find that I had some more ATCs delivered, namely from Peggy, Melissa and Carol for the Happiness Is Lottery on Artchix - just goes to show the delay due to the recent postal strikes - but better late than never.

The colours here at home are magnificent - the trees are all shades of red, gold and brown, a sight to behold. In stark contrast to the blue of the sea and the mountains in Spain.

Done my entry for the Tea Time Lottery when I got home and posted it to the artchix site, will have to get my stuff unpacked so that I can then get down to some serous work - so much to do and must find the time to do it!
That's it for this post
Take care

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ingeniouslycreative said...

Hi Dawn!! All I can say is WOW!! Your blog is magnificent!!! You are a genius to put Betty there greeting us as we enter in!!! And congratulations on making the cover for your yahoo group too!!! You certainly have been a busy little bee!!!! I just love it!! Lots of hugs..Carol