PaperWhimsy Banner Project

The images show my contribution to the PaperWhimsy Banner Project. Let me explain; I am part of a trio - the other two are Carol and Lorraine - and we have to create a banner that we will share. Our word was FLY so Lorraine is doing the F, Carol the L and I am doing the Y. When these three elements come together we shall all have a hanging banner for our home/studio or wherever to display. We all have to do 4 of our chosen letter, this is my first Y.
The front is constructed with tissue paper and deep purple velvet down the edge with swarovski crystals. Flowers, and purple beading. The back is gold fabric, with part of the pattern highlighted with sakura pens and some more swarovski crystals and a couple of sequin butterflies.

Other words that other members are using are ART and JOY.
What a fun project it actually is, can't wait to see what Carol and Lorraine come up with, I just know there letters are going to be fantastic.
I may not do all of mine the same, there may be slight variations but the color scheme of purple, green and gold jewel tones shall remain the same.

If you want to check out Paper Whimsy group do so here. They are a great group of girls and do some amazing stuff.


barbara burkard said...

oh oh...its just beautiful! wow!


carylsrealm said...

Fabulous Dawn!

Debby Harriettha said...

Your banner is awesome..Gorgeous...


ShirleyMc said...

YOur banner is lovely! I cannot leave a message on
your blog because I don't have a google account, so am
sending it directly to you.

Heather Robinson said...

These banners are marvelous, Dawn. I love the patches of colour like a quilt and the little girl peaking out from the 'y'.

cain81 said...

Wonderful things here!