Glorious sunset

Hi, I thought I would share this most glorious sunset with you, taken from my patio on Monday 22nd October, the sky looked as if it were on fire - absolutely breathtaking. My little piece of heaven in Coveta Fuma.

Lovely to be back here; the drive down was one of the best yet. France was like a ghost town, no traffic on the roads which was surprising as there was a strike on the public transport system, but hey, it could be that the French people were enjoying the Rugby World Cup final even though they were not finalists themselves.

China was on top form, singing all the way down, hence she had no voice by the time we arrived LOL. Jazz flew out on Sunday night as he played football for Croydon Juniors (beat Coney Hall 4-1).
When we got to the villa there was signs of all the rain that the area has had in the last few weeks, flooding in parts of the villa so insurers to send out assessors this week - seems to have been so much rain that it came off the mountain too quick and caused flooding - it will get sorted.

Brought lots of stuff with me to do crafting, shall get on to that tomorrow. Got a couple of projects that I need to start work on.
That will be it for this blog entry - just had to share the pic, xxxx

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Natalie B said...

Hello. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Love the pic of the sunset :-)