Clearing my head....

I decided today that I need to clear my head to enable me to get crafting. So to do this I had to once again organise my craft room - I bought more storage boxes with drawers; I CANNOT work in my room if it is in mess, if the stuff in the cupboards is not in order then I can't function - hence the reason I need to clear my head.
My sister had visited from Devon earlier in the year and did a fab job of organising my stuff, but unfortunately, or fortunately for me I have acquired more stuff so I had to rearrange certain stuff and re- label containers.

The paper images I have from artchix studio, paper whimsy now have there own storage area; I also have some lovely images from b-muse (www.b-muse.com) and tuscan rose (www.tuscanrose.com) and they too are housed in their own drawers.

The hardest part is going to be sorting all the beads,ribbons,buttons, bows etc. into their own compartments but hey if I persevere it is possible - what do they say on the ad "impossible is nothing".

Got to make a few asian atc's for a swap and get them in the post this week - looking forward to that.

I love the friends I have made on my yahoo groups and would like to say a big hi to Charline, who has moved over here from the States and I wish her much happiness and laughter.
Carol Stocker and Caryl H another 2 fab ladies and Linda MF and Angie, you all make my days brighter - there are others and I am going to update my fave blog lists to include the ladies to whose blogs I subscrbe.
The www has a wealth of lovely ladies....

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Patti said...

I so can relate to the organization thing!
I have collected so much stuff over the years that I am just swamped with it!

Good luck to you!