Progress in Classes

I have posted pictures from the classes I am taking on my Facebook page, but as I like to make my blog in to a book at the end of the year I still post them here...the get lost on Facebook, with a book you can take it of the shelf and see progress made as you look back.

I have been enjoying the Mastering Twinks and the Letter Love 101 classes I have been taking on line, it can be a struggle to keep up, especially doing 2 classes back to back but I am endeavouring to get somethings done.

Part of the Letter Love class is practising alphabets, fonts etc. so I decided to incorporate the 2 classes in to one piece

Letter Love 101 (on left) Mastering Twinks (on right)

I have to admit I was really pleased with how the spread turned out.

Here are some more pictures of the flowers...

You don't really see the shimmer that the Twinks give this piece but it really shimmers.

As I develop my alphabets I will share the pictures with you here.

The "Great Wall of Wrotham" as we have nicknamed it is getting there, not much more to do now - one half of it is 25 metres long and the other near double that, so it has been a lot of hard work.
The cold weather hasn't helped, but keeping the builders in tea keeps them going.
Stuart has a need to have CHICKENS...can you believe it, fair enough the garden is big enough for us to keep them, but I just know I will be the one caring for them. There is a really large plot behind the garages which is wooded so that is where they will go, and I might even try to grow some veggies too..I am not the worlds most green fingered person, but hey ho - worth a try! Will let you know if that ever gets of the ground.

I am thinking that it will be time for a give way soon, haven't had one for a long time, I think when I have 23500 visitors I will go for it, so watch this space - that's it for today, gotta go and do some more lessons - till next time, BYE and Thanks for dropping by.


Sugar Lump Studios said...

this is such a beautiful layout Dawn! I love the colors and how you did the fonts/words! gorgeous art!

Julia said...

These pages are gorgeous Dawn,I love everything about them. The lettering is groovy and the colours are fabulous :o)

Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

I love flowers! The flowers in your painting are wonderful ,Thank you for posting your ART for us to enjoy .. hugs Heather