Weekend fun

Let me tell you about my weekend.
Yesterday China and I went to Bluewater for a Creative Stitches and Hobby Craft show. This was the 1st time anything like this had been held so close to home, so of course I had to go and dragged China along.

Started upstairs in the Creative Stitches section, mainly because I would love to be into sewing, but even though it is not something I do I love to see what others create...


Finger Knitting

 China and I got a finger knitting kit each and sat happily doing it at home last night, fun and quick.
Finger Knitting

Buttons - I love Buttons

Fibre Art

Fibre Art

More Fibre Art
Then we moved downstairs...lots of stands, lots of people, walked around the corner and spotted these 2 Ladies..
PaperArtsy stand with Lin and Leandra
I had to get me the new Fresco colours - they added another 26 to the collection, Love these paints, great for journalling.

We had a great time, it was wonderful to spend a couple of hours mooching, hope they come back.

On the creative front these are my latest additions 

Twinkling H20 flowers

Close up of Flower

Butterfly with Twinks
And then I have been busy practising writing letters.

 The practise gave me the confidence to write on this lady...

So that is it for that side of things.

The snow arrived last night, woke up to a white blanket so thought I would share the pictures...

So that is my weekend thus far - till next time HAVE FUN xx


Barbara said...

simply LOVE this post!!! love all your journal art....love love love it!!! and those buttons!!! wowsers... i was showing maddy how to finger knit..(i have the how to link on my pinterest!) THAT FABRIC IS OH EM GEE!!! i have such plans for it already!!! but i think i shall wrap myself..in it for a bit...and get inspired!!!

Wabbit said...

Sure wish I could have gone to that show, looks like it was fun, and fibers are right up my alley! Twinks are tons of fun and are what got me interested in transparent watercolor.

LOVE the snow. It never snows in Phoenix. :( Well, if it does (and it did last year, briefly) it doesn't lay.

Stay warm!

Alison said...

Fabulous journal pages Dawn, & wasn't it a fab show?! Love the new house too, great snow pics! x