Okay here we go again, sharing some new pics - what have I been doing? Well  here is the first picture,


I LOVE Poppies, always have, Poppies and Pansies my 2 favourite types of flowers.
The Twinkling H2O red was called Poppy, but I actually wasn't to sure if it was too red, so mixed with a ruby red too, any way this is the end result.

The next challenge was to try and create a group of white flowers, daisies to be exact..just to see how easy it would be to do - here we go, not the easiest, it is more about the shadows. I will give it another go, but I think I will use masking fluid next time.

Harder to do than I thought but I did enjoy the challenge.
Finally, got some irises to share with you..it was far too cold to go out any where today so obvious what I have been doing eh?

CLOSE UP trying to capture shimmer of Twinks

I have to confess I was a bit dubious about putting background
shading on this one, so I have left it at is it. I could go back to it but for now it is staying as it is.

and this was it on the creative front today a practise alphabet as part of the Joanne Sharpe Letter Love 101 class.

It was so quiet and relaxing here today as the builders are all done, the wall is complete - so no more making lots of tea. Very icy out so didn't venture far - don't normally go out at all if it is bad but the main roads were clear.

Another week has come and gone, not sure what the plans are for the weekend but we shall see...wherever you are, whatever you are doing - have fun...


Susan Burgess said...

hehe you said boob!
Love all your new work you been so busy and prolific my friend! I love the phot of the two wheel barrells too and all the faces and flowers are amazing! The finger knittinglooks torturesome to me though!~ LOVE YOU! Sanna

Carol Mania said...

I love your flowers, Dawn! They make me smile!!!!