Boop Pad love today

The weather was too cold for the builders to come today so I was able to get back in to my room to continue adding my stash...I must admit to having a great time even though I have more stuff to put in there it really is becoming my place, and as I was pottering about the name popped in to my head "Boop Pad" so that is the name of my space...need to make a plaque now, well not now literally, but you know what I mean.

I get up with the family every morning to see them out to work, so as I am up I kinda think I should do something, I played with my Twinks today, remember I mentioned that I was doing a class with Dion Dior.. well here you go, my first pictures...

1st colour scheme I chose to work with

I wasn't too sure about this so I then chose another colour to use

I must admit to liking the warmth of these colours
and then I did another picture and then spritzed it after to see what would happen

I liked the effect this created, so just by playing I created something different.

I have been writing AlPhaBetS over and over, trying out different pens as part of my LetterLove101 Class with Joanne Sharpe.

Here is the Journal I decorated to work in

Some of my Pens...love Pens

I didn't realise there were more Copics than the Ciaos, just found the Copic Sketch
see them on the left - that is the portrait set,now I understand there are Copic Original etc. etc.
More pens!!!

An Assortment of pens
Sharpie Poster Paint Pens
had to buy these when I was in the States as I haven't seen them in UK
They are fabulous for journalling, write great over acrylics..

Love these too
 My wonderful
Prisma Pencils
These are never far from my side

I justify having an obsession with my drawing supplies
because I use them, if they are used then they are Loved.

So that is it for this post
Hope it didn't bore you reading it, till next time....
Take care and have fun 


linda loe said...

Ohh I love all your pens and of course de faber castell and neoclour from caran `d ache that`s one of my favorite. Your jpurnal looks great. See in letter love ;-)

ruthanne said...

I love that comment~if they are used, they are loved! I love all my art supplies and bling! Your flowers have bling. Wish I had that many pens, but probably will after this month and Love Letter.

Lori Bradford said...

You are the pen goddess!
Loved your flowers, I hope to see much more of your paintings and can't wait to see your lettering. I bet you are already great!

Esther said...

Great photo's off all your pens, markers ect!
I am also on letterlove, see you there!

Oh... i love the front of your journal!