Inspiratin for canvas - Lorraine

Thought I would write about the canvas for my bedroom. As you can see from pics my bedroom has an Indian theme. My other half bought the wood carvings on the wall at the head of the bed and the goddess walk plaque. I wanted to create a wall hanging (having altered the jewellery box). Today was the day! I used gesso, acrylic paint, gold paint, glitter glue mesh and gold paper to create the background. I then did swirls with acrylic glue added a picture of Rama and Sita and just had fun playing. The colours are more vibrant in real life and I am so pleased with the result - I am allowed to say that aren't I? Lol! Now I just have to get the old man to hang it, I think he likes it because he said "that's nice" - he has a way with words LOL.
One good thing about working over here in Spain, because of the heat everything drys so quick so it is gratifying to be able to start and finish a piece in a few hours.
Lorriane don't think mine is anywhere near as good as your Ganesh but once again you inspired me to give it a go - so THANK YOU. When I get back to England I am gonna get you set up with a blog of your own because you really need to share your creativity with the world; for all you unfortunate people out there who have never seen Lorraine's work it is sublime.
That's it for now, Adios till next time

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