Where does the time go??? Shopping for crafts, that's where!

So since the last entry in my blog what have I been up to?
Well Saturday morning I had a rare (and I mean rare) lie in -Lorraine my mate rang me about some goodies on QVC - my darling husband then bought me said goodies so now I am awaiting the arrival (hopefully some time this week).
Went to Bluewater and spent more on crafting goodies - so easy to do, but there is always some new tool or whatever to buy!
Then I ordered more goodies on line through various people on my Yahoo group (Artchix Studio, Della Warr, NavelJellyStudios and Vickie Enkoff) You see the trouble with me is I love it when the postman arrives with goodies and not just junk mail so I have to order stuff to keep me happy :-)
Today my Somerset Studio Gallery magazine arrived and it is beautiful, oh how I wish I was so creative! So Thank you Linda from LB Crafts for the prompt delivery.

My current project is progressing, I am making a Wedding Guest book for a friends wedding which is in September but as I shall be in Spain for 6 weeks prior to that I want to get it done and dusted. The concept is good, it is the construction that is taking so long, but I am enjoying it.
Once it is done I shall post some pics of it.

The rest of the weekend was great mainly because Real Madrid became La Liga champions and Lewis Hamilton won the USA Grand Prix - so I was a truly happy bunny.

That is it for today, gonna go and do some more internet perusing! oh and by the way check out
http://ingeniouslycreative.blogspot.com/ for a beautiful book created by the host Carol - stunning!

That's it for now peeps


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