IKEA and Laughs all around

So you may be wondering why on earth have I put a picture of a table on my blog, well it is my new purchase from IKEA today. Such value and do you see the fantastic drawers underneath - bargain of the day. Can't believe this was a flat pack, drawers and all and I managed to put it together!!! Krypton Factor where have you gone, I could have been a contender after putting this up ;-)

What a laugh it was at IKEA today, Lorraine and I whizzed around, got what we wanted and then went over to B&Q. Felt like 2 very naughty people tearing off large pieces of wall paper to use for crafting -see it on the table !

The fun part came when we left to go home - took a left turn instead of a right and went all around the houses trying to find our way back to Croydon - kept seeing other drivers turning left or right or going straight on and comments included "he/she looks like they know where they are going lets follow them" (could have been going to the moon for all we knew!) or Lorraine saying to me "why did I listen to you? should have done left/right etc." Me telling her that I thought we needed to do a magical mystery tour....hey what is life if you don't take risks right!

Also today Lorraine told me about Pauls accident and I shall quote now -

Paul told Lorraine that he went into the back of a car, she was like "Oh my God, how did you do that" and he was like well accidents happen. He said "This dwarf got out of his car walked back to me and said "I'm not happy" to which Paul replied "who are you then?"

Well called me wicked, but I have not been able to repeat this without cracking up in fits of laughter cos obviously it is a joke - (mind you not everyone who I repeated it to got that part) but Del and Mollymoo did - they cracked up like me. That really made my day, even walking the dog, driving the car whenever I thought of it I literally cried laughing.

This evening I had further reason to laugh, I watched a repeat of last Wednesdays Apprentice where the contestants had to sell items that they picked on Ideal World shopping channel - it was a total catastrophe for Ideal World cos the contestants were REALLY REALLY awful at selling and producing - but for us lucky viewers it was a classic, especially when one of the contestants (can't remember his name) was putting together a trampete and the way he was holding it in front of his crotch and screwing the legs on was comical - one of those things you would have to see to appreciate; Alan Sugar was not impressed.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Sam on the progress she has made on the Ruby wedding anniversary card she is making - it is looking fabulous, looking forward to seeing it finished.

Tomorrow I shall sit at my lovely new table and get down to some crafting - that's it for now from a very amused me.

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