Relations through the post and on the net

Since I last blogged I have joined Facebook - much to the chagrin I think of my oldest son who thinks it is "a young persons" domain (his thoughts not mine).
I typed in the name HORNIGOLD for a random search and came across a number of people with this surname. Why my interest in this name you may ask, well prior to my father in law shortening the family name they went by the name of HORNIGOLD - hence the reason for the random search.
I received through the post a letter and copy of tree from a Ken HORNAGOLD (slight variation of spelling but name still relevant on the tree I have compiled) so I shall collate the info and then share with him what I have.
So apart from crafting genealogy is my other fave thing to keep me out of trouble.

I have spent a fair amount of time reading other peoples blogs, I find it addictive and love to read and see what other people create in their blogs - a wonderful thing.

I have been in and out of my craft room doing bits and pieces it is time consuming to say the least but in a fun way - far better than housework!!

I had a delivery from Artchix Studio which was really exciting and I am waiting for some stuff to come from a website called NavelJellyStudio - strange name but lovely stuff. Oh and I had some grab bags come with a wonderful selection of um rubber stamps.

Counting down to the 6 weeks hols which we spend in Spain, really, really excited about that! especially now as I have started to put my craft room together down there. Still gotta have fun when the family are doing their jetskiing, going to theme parks etc. mummy has to have her release too.

Tomorrow is another day and I seriously want to get stuck in to the book so that it is a fait accompli before I go away.

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