Deers and Happy Birthdays

What a day today. My beloved daughter called me this morning and asked me to drop her P.E. kit off at school as she had forgotten it; I duly obliged. On the way back I was driving along at a sedate pace when all of a sudden there was an almighty bang and I saw a brown blur outside my passenger window. When I checked my rear view mirror I was aghast to see a deer lying down in the road not moving. I went down the road a little bit to find a turning point so that I could go back and check on it.
On my way back a woman coming down the lane flagged me and asked if I was the bitch who had just knocked down the deer; being in a state of shock the word "No" popped out of my mouth. I couldn't believe that she talked to me like that, as if I would have intentionally knocked down a deer! It just leaped through the hedge. Anyway when I got back to the deer I parked my car, called my neighbour to tell him that it was injured and asked his advise as I have never knocked anything before.
The deer was sitting up at this time, so I was thankful that it was not dead. More traffic appeared on the lane and out of one of the vehicles came a man, he proceeded to pick up the deer and rushed it back to his car. I told Gordon that I did not need his help now as someone else had taken over - I presumed that he had taken it to the vet.
I say presumed because when I told friends about it later in the day they all surmised that he had taken it to consume it!!! shock! horror!

When I checked my car I was totally surprised to see that there was not a mark on it - I think the deer clipped the car and broke his leg as he fell.

I then took Stamford (my lovely Staffie) for a walk through the woods; I just entered the field coming out of the wood when I was totally surprised by a big stag, he bolted. Not 15 minutes later I saw a female deer leaping and bounding across the field. So today the deer were like buses - three came along at once.

This evening we went down to Crowborough, I had picked up some shopping for Connie (Stuart's mum) and so the family took it down to her. Yasmin was there with Tyler as it is her 10th birthday tomorrow; spent a happy hour there then returned home.

A memorable day!
Hopefully tomorrow I shall get down to some crafting, the only thing I have managed to day was to make a card for Yas.
That's it for now, adios


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, sorry to read about your deer incident. You were fortunate you weren't hurt. I hit one once when I lived in New York and the deer wasn't hurt, but my bonnet was smashed in because the deer flipped up on to it. It could have come right through the windscreen....but didn't!!! xoxoCarol (ingeniouslycreative)

Goldbettyboop said...

Hi Carol Thanks for your comments. It was totally scary, but as you say it could have been worse - hope you and the intrepid trio are fine xxxx0xxx