Arghh! is how I am feeling this evening; I spent the day totally doing gardening and I am sure suffering now! So this entry will be short, I will endeavour to do more tomorrow.

Continuing this entry.
I managed to have a little play around with my aluminium tape this evening, not a lot of brain cell activity required so perfect for chillin'

This should add a little dimension to the "Wedding Guest" book if I decide to use it.

It was fun adding the sakura pens to give the pieces a bit of color. The flower was done as a bit of indulgence - no need for it really, but it was fun doing (so what better reason to do it than that).

I am so enjoying belonging to the ArtchixStudio yahoo group and the ABAltered Book group too.

It is fantastic looking at work that other members have uploaded, awe inspiring in most cases.

That will be all for this brief entry.

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