Time Travel - where would you go and why?

Imagine that you could travel back or forward in time 10 times - where would you go and why. Think about this, but remember wherever you go you cannot change events. This is harder than it may seem.
Here are my options.
1. I would go forward into the future to see the winning lottery numbers for a week; I would do this so that when I had done with my trime travel I would have a secure future for myself and family which would enable me to do all the things in life that my heart desires.

2. I would go back to the moment I came into this world to see for myself my arrival; I know I have had children but I would like to experience that wonderful moment for myself when I entered this life.

3. I would be with Princess Diana to see what really happened to her, all the speculation about her death would be laid to rest. I believe that she was killed so I would like to prove that my feelings are right- I cannot believe in my heart that it was just an accident that took her away from this world.

4. I love F1, I never understood why but after going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone a couple of years ago my mum told me that I actually went to the Nurburgring when I was about 5 and was enthralled by it - so I would like to return there to see and feel what I felt and saw back then, sublimely I must have held onto that day for most of my life as I always wondered where my love for grand prix came from.

5.I would travel with the troops who liberated the Jews from the concentration camps; I have visited Bergen Belsen and Dachau and was devastated by the experience of going there. So to take the positive out of it I would like to experience the feelings of all those as they realised that they were free. I can't imagine how they felt so would go there for that reason.

6. I would travel back to the 50's and America in particular just to put some money in a juke box, order a soda and be a teenager in that era. The fashions, the cars all of it I love so just to have a time where I could live the life would be fantastic to me.

7. I would travel to the moon with the first astronauts to see if they did actually land there and do that famous moon walk. To see the world from the moon would be absolutely amazing!

8. The pyramids - I would have to go just to see how they built the pyramids, they are amazing (although I have never been there). I have always been curios as to how they Egyptians managed to create such magnificent structures so a visit would be a definite for me.

9. I would love to travel to the 1972 Olympics, to be there when Mark Spitz had the 7th Gold medal put around his neck - I have loved the Olympics since that moment in time. It is a passion of mine and I never miss it. They joy of that time and the sadness of the massacre is something that I will not forget, I would like to go and be there not just a TV spectator

10. My final destination..........I shall give this some thought and post at a later date.

So where would you go? and why?

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