Valentine Gifts

I just love it when the postman delivers mail that is not bills or junk - but wonderful goodies from across the pond.
I was lucky enough to be invited to participate with 13 other ladies in a swap hosted by Barbara Burkard and here are the delightful goodies I received. I was fortunate enough to find this bird cage at the weekend in a local florist for £15 (a bargain don't you think?) and thought it would be perfect to showcase the lovely art. The Betty Boop was courtesy of my "mom" Linda East she sent me it before Christmas and it was supposed to adorn my tree but alas as you may well know we didn't make it to Spain - never mind I can look at in hanging in my art room xxx
So a BIG THANK YOU to Barbara, Mija, Tamara, Angie, Catie, Heather R, Sanna, Paula,Sandee, Martha, Theresa, Peggy, and Cheri.

then I received this delightful card, atc and earrings from Karriann Elkins as a THANK YOU for a spoon pendant I sent her as part of a blog giveaway I had - so sweet, Love them.

Then the postman brought me a card from Carol Stocker, I wanted to share this from an e mail Carol sent out...

Hot Shops is an Art Center near downtown Omaha. It's a really cool old warehouse that houses 80 artist studios and four galleries. One of the gals I got to know through SJ Designs decided to host an art challenge and invited me to participate. I submitted a 16" x 20" canvas and it was selected by the jury to be one of the pieces that would be shown during the month of February. :-)

The Gallery Open House is this Friday night from 6-9 pm and I can't wait to see all the other pieces. Cross your fingers that sometime during the month my canvas sells! I would sure hate to have it left hanging there when all the other pieces are gone! lol

Anyway, here is a link to the challenge info. CLICK HERE
and attached is my submission along with a copy of the invitation and note that the sponsor wrote to me.

I'm looking forward to seeing my art on the gallery wall and honored to be included!

Carol is very talented and she was the very 1st person I ever did a swap with on the internet... I am so pleased for her xxx WELL DONE CAROL xxx

I'll try to get some photos of the event. xoxo Carol

Before I go I just had to share the wonderful step ladder shelves I bought in the same florists that I purchased the Bird cage, I fell in love with this but as it had plants on I didn't realise it was for sale at first, then when I saw the ticket and the bargain price (I LOVE a bargain) I just had to have it; funny thing is, now that Jazz and China are working and have to give me "housekeeping" I have disposable income that is all mine, and these two purchases were bought using that money... whoop whoop, there is an upside to the kids growing up

The ladder has 4 shelves and is just so perfect.... now that is it for this post, I hope you stayed with it and didn't drop off lol, I have been busy blog hopping so have neglected to post myself and this is a catch up xxx
Take care, Love Ya xxxx


Susan Burgess said...

The Valentines all look great on the bird cage. Love how your mom gave the BB one to you so you could make it even more personalized! Funny I just gave a bird cage away to one of my 5 year olders lil friends!!! Mine was decorated with fairies and mushrooms and butterfly. Something perfect for a little girls room. I still have a gift I need to send off to you Dawn! I need your addy again! Hugs, Sanna

Wabbit said...

OMG, I have Bird Cage envy!!!! What a great deal!

catieann said...

oh gloris
that is such a cute idea!! I love the bargain as well!!
I am so enjoying my valentines

catieann said...

i know your name is dawn for gosh sakes I was just talking to my neighbor on the phone while writing a comment and her names is Gloris she had a twin named lois
still think it is darling

peggy gatto said...

ce for your rnaments, I love how you arranged them!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

FABULOUS display, Dawn!! I so enjoyed playing in this swap!!!