Self Portrait

I had a bit of "fun" last night drawing myself! OMG have you ever tried to do this? I had the mirror and thought "What the heck just do it" so I did.
It is really hard to do yourself, well I found it was but I wanted to be accurate and it was a challenge.
The hair I am going to work on as I am not happy with it but to be honest it wasn't down, it was tied back so I drew it quickly as I knew how I looked like with it down... does that make sense?
I now want to do a painted version and possibly a color pencil one too.
Other works in progress as we speak but unfortunately got to go to shops etc. today and then out for dinner tonight (the out for dinner bit is good, no cooking).
Still taking time out everyday for OWOH, no way am I going to visit everyone in the limited time, but at least the links stay up after the date.
Once again Thanks for looking, need to grab a bite to eat as my tummy is rumbling!
Till next time, take care and enjoy your day xxxxxxxxx

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