PAPER ROSES and more

Hello, nice to see you back again. I have managed to get some creativity going on today. It has been difficult the last week or so, Stuart had a rough weekend so not really fair to disappear into my craft room when he needed some TLC.
Then I was totally devastated to visit one of my regular blogs and read that Renee the blog owner is in a really bad way, her daughter posted to her mum's blog and I am so saddened to realise that it looks as if Renee is living on borrowed time. She has had breast cancer for years but now it has spread to other parts of her body, I don't want to say more as it just moves me to tears. Renee is always on my mind, she has the most amazing spirit and is such a fighter.... sending Love xxxx
I actually "met" Renee last year when she won my OWOH prize and our online friendship grew from there.

Talking of OWOH I was fortunate to win this year... this beautiful tag, behind glass and metal embossed on the back, Nicks is the clever girl who created it

the hearts either side are a couple of wall hangings picked up in town, one I bought myself, the other from my friend Natalie - perfect for displaying ATC's.

I have another prize to come from Catie Ann will post pics when it arrives, so exciting and I won some beautiful digital images from Dorcas x

This next picture shows two wood boxes created by Lisa Jurist, saw these when I visited for OWOH and had to have them - my friend Lorraine also loved them and purchased one of her other works...

and then today... I had a go making Grunge Paper Roses with Gabby. There was an article in Craft Stamper magazine so Gabby brought it over and we created a rose each. Now here's a funny thing; I got my Grunge paper when it first came out, Gabby bought hers recently. The funny thing is the thickness of the paper. My was a lot thicker, Gabby's thinner and easier to bend over the petals.

In the photos mine is the one with the more "open" centre. The larger rose I created by drawing a six petal flower onto the grunge paper (instead of using a stamp) and to be fair I am really pleased with the outcome.
Tim Holtz's new book "A Compendium of Curiosities" is sitting on my shelf and I have to say that if you get the chance, grab yourself a copy it is a really informative book, whether an "expert" or a novice.
So that is it for this post, I have a couple of projects at WIP stages and look forward to sharing them with you.
Take care, and don't forget to tell those you love exactly that.... I love you xxx


Lisa said...

Wow Dawn, you really scored some lovely goodies in OWOH! Love the hangtag too! Thanks for the sweet mention! Hope you are feeling better..as mother's we always get a bigger dosse of the virus than the kids. xo

Sherry Goodloe said...

There's Grunge PAPER (it's thinner) and there's Grunge BOARD (it's thicker) . . . maybe you had the Grunge BOARD?????

PS Both flowers are beautiful you ladies created *smiles*

Itch2stitch.com said...

Hope you are feeling better Dawn! Suzie. xxx

Crafty Dawn said...

I make these alot But don't have any grunge paper as yet so I used card stock if you pop by you will see they still work beautifully for a card at least!

Love Dawn xx