Naughty me...

I have neglected my blog... why? well I have been busy doing other things and so the time as they say flipped by and there were just not enough hours in a day.
One of the FUN things I did was a fund raiser for Breast Cancer. It wouldn't have happened without my wonderful friend Sam....We had a dinner party for 10 girls at her house on Saturday night, I heard about it on the radio and decided to ask Sam if she was up for it. She was, and let me tell you, Sam is the most AMAZING cook/baker, whatever she creates just melts in the mouth...so the girls all turned up, had a great time, great food - Sam did the Starter-Scallops and Prawns in a sauce.Main - Chicken with Olives and Tomatoes, CousCous with Roasted Vegetables, Potato Dauphinoise stack and Vegetables and I did the Dessert - Pannacotta with a Red Velvet Cake.. the best thing was that we raised £210 which was amazing, so THANKS to the girls who attended x

A while ago now I signed up for a class run by Joanna Pierotti on her Ning site, she created a Wall hanging from one of her mother's dresses.
Anyway I decided now was the time to try and create my own and this is the result. I put mine on to a mat board and created like that whereas Joanna hanged her dress on a "nature" hanger.
The good thing has been the ability to do this when I was ready and not have to worry that I had to do it in a set time. Clicking on the images, especially the collage one will allow you to see details in close up.

I am happy today as the sun is shining, so I have a spring in my step... going to see what to create this fine day... where ever you are, have a fab day.
Thanks for visiting xxxx


Jeanie said...

I love the collage, Dawn. Your work is always beautiful -- this is no exception! And congratulations on your fundraiser. That's a great amount!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

OH Your Collage is BEAUTIFUL!! Love all the elements you added :O)

Crafty Dawn said...

Hi I am a newbie to yr sigt came from Viola's after seeing the beatiful work you sent her. Loving the new work with the baby dress very chic! I am in the UK and think it was a super idea for the breat cancer dinner! looks like a fun way to raise money

Love Dawn xx