What's in the box

The clocks went forward today, I was up early to watch the Australian Grand Prix at 6 a.m. and boy did I flag later in the day. But before I had a siesta the family had a lovely day out together, a rarity these days as Jazz and China both drive. We headed over to Bluewater for a mooch around the shops and I managed to pick up a couple of things.
My favourite buy of the day, this box

it had me oohing and aahing in the shop and thinking of the possibilities for it.
What is inside the box? let me show you....

do you see all those little wooden spines, pull one out and this is what you get...

sleeves for photos, yes it is a photo album box, but hey when I saw it I was thinking outside the box and thinking of all the ATC's etc that I have that could be stored in here, or I could totally adapt it and make something unique with it, what would you do with it?
I did get some other items to alter, I do have a few Craft it Forward items to make so I am keeping my other items under wraps for now.

Thought I would share a little ATC I made for the PW Ning Lottery March's theme in Clover....if you haven't visited PAPER WHIMSY to join in the fun you don't know what you are missing. A monthly lottery, fabulous swaps, great gals, a non bitch environment - what more do you want? check it out!

Any way this little ATC has layers and ribbon threaded through it, an ancestry brad which is gorgeous, well I think it is :-)
A delightful PW girl, and the hand of fate above her head. The other ATC's submitted are all so special and some lucky gal is going to win.... keeping fingers crossed.

Well I have blathered on a bit, and no I have never kissed the blarney stone, so I shall say, Thanks again for visiting, till next time have peace and fun where ever you are xxx


Healing Woman said...

Bluewater sounds like the in place to go. I wonder if it is anything like my favorite flea market of all time, "Happy's" here in Roanoke, Va. USA. I love your find. I think the idea of storing photos or ATC's in it or maybe making a journal out of it is wonderful. Each slat could be one month of the year.


Itch2stitch.com said...

The photo box is a sheer delight! Love your background too Dawn! suzie xxx

Halle said...

Both the photo box and the ATC is wonderful! Love the layers in the ATC.

jacque4u2c said...

That photo box so ROCKS!!!! Your ATC does too! Just really, really CUTE!

trishbee said...

Love that box with the photo albums! That would make fab storage for altered tip in pages!

Jeanie said...

This is a terrific find! Yes, I'd use it for that, too!

Love your Whimsy girl! She's wonderful!

theresa martin said...

Sweet Atc, love it. I love the photo box too. very cool.

Sandi said...

I envy your ability to pick up a pencil and know you can make something wonderful! oh btw I went to visit paper whimsy and it asked for my invite....I don't have one .