Sewing machine success ....!!!

Today I purchased a mini sewing machine to use in my crafting. I was so pleased with myself when I managed to stitch a bit of lace to card - a small start, but hey, I am hoping it will lead to bigger and better things.
I have an aversion to sewing, when I was 8 years old I had to make a gingham school dress as part of Wednesday afternoon activities. It took me 6 weeks to make (most of the other girls did it in half the time as their mums had sewing machines at home) - the headmasters wife kept making comments about putting the school flag up and announcing it in assembley when I had finished; she literally did this and so my aversion to sewing was born.
I am hoping at the grand old age of 45 to put it behind and move forward and loose the fear. I no I will never be a master seamstress but just managing basics will satisfy me - I shall let you know how I get on and maybe put a photo up of something I create in the future.

That's it for this post, adios

Yummy Panna Cotta and Football

Didn't have much time to sit down and write yesterday so thought better do so today. Yesterday I was SOOOOOOOOOO proud of myself as I made the most wonderful Panna Cotta courtesy of a recipe card from Waitrose. It was absolutely divine, and the family seemed to think so to because they all literally licked their dishes clean ( I must confess I did too). My mate Lorraine also enjoyed it as I made an extra one for her to sample - I gave it to her as we were going to walk the dog and she warned her daughter not to touch it (lol) it brought that advert to mind where the girl says "touch my food, feel my fork" Enough of the Panna cotta.

Football also featured in my day, Chelsea v Man Utd, the referee Graham Poll was appalling in my opinion, a bit card happy - he should have just let the game flow but as on previous occasions when I have watched him ref he is too full of his own importance.

Mother in Law up staying for a few days, been taking her out and about and she is loving it. She absolutely adores her cat so we went into the pet shop to day and bought a cat house, so she can relax if she is out and it starts to rain knowing the cat has a dry spot.

Funny thing really, doing all the usual everyday things, keep checking the news to see if there is any news on Maddy missing in Portugal. What a nightmare !!!!

Teenage angst is rife in my house, roll on a bit of peace and harmony - I shall say no more.


First Musings by moi

Well looking on the wobbly wobbly I see that most people have blog spots so I thought that I should keep up with the Jones's and see what I could come up with.
Life passes by so quickly and I was thinking back to when I kept a diary and thought, you know what I need to express myself again, so here I am.

Some days I may have lots to say and others nothing much so who knows how much or how little I shall have to say.
All I can say is watch this space - you may be bored most of the time, you may occasionally be inspired, who knows but I will share my life and musings with you xxxx