Gardening and ArtP

Phew better catch up with my blog. I have been A.W.O.L. as I have been busy doing mainly gardening! Oh my days I can't believe that I wrote that, I have never been a gardener lol, but Stuart and I are working together on getting the garden together.
What a thrill going and choosing plants to transform the garden and me planting veg - I would never have believed I would be writing that...

Planter for Jasmine plants which will hopefully grow up my balcony.

Jasmine Plants

Palm and flower for garden
Tomatoes, Cucumber and Peppers in this bed

Onions planted here too

Peas, carrots and beetroot in this bed

Stuart has always loved these trees, this variety is called "Susan".

Unchain my Heart - using doodling on painting.

More doodling to transform picture

Doodled a net just for fun.

Pan Pastel girl

Created this girl, wanted it to look as if she was behind net, waiting for a date.
Asked on Facebook if that had been achieved...responses indicated that it was not apparent
that there was a net, the challenge was to change that.

So rubbed off most of the pastel colour to push the girl back.
I then stencilled through mesh with fresco paint and it gave it a semblance of the effect.
This is something I will come back to and try again with a different girl.

Pan Pastel girl

Close up - I have to confess I was rather proud of this girl..
So that is an update on what I have been up to. I really have other stuff to share but I will do that in a post tomorrow as I like to break things up so as not to get boring.
Thanks for visiting, till next time have fun and enjoy life.


Diane said...

Love how your art is evolving and how you are also expanding your art through gardening--You need that green artistic thumb (I really believe) for a garden to flourish. My thumb isn't too green....

Healing Woman said...

Love your new pastel gals! Isn't painting women's faces addictive? You are going in such a good directions with your faces.

Gardening! One of my favorite loves. Looks like you'll have a really beautiful one by mid summer. The trailing Jasmine will be a delight!

twilight merchandise said...

Find out how much direct sunlight various plants require to grow. If your garden does not get much direct sunlight, be sure to choose plants that don't need too much light.

Deb Lindley said...

Just stumbled across your blog while doing a google seach for Betty Boop blogs (I have one myself and was curious;-) and I LOVE your blog, it's so different in a wonderfully soothing way and your face works and garden are beautiful!

Happy creating,