Guess where you are going

My DH is 50 on the 5th November and it has been his dream to go see the Pyramids... so I secretly booked a Red Sea Cruise for him, he will be in Petra - The Rose City in Jordan on his actual Birthday, how special is that. Then we will be going to the Valley of the Kings and of course visiting the Pyramids too.
It is a week long Cruise and I had to tell him 1. because knowing Stuart I knew that he would be like "Oh my I have to get some new clothes"
2. we have to go for vaccinations on Tuesday so thought it would be as well to let him know why.
As the tickets arrived on Thursday the kids wanted to tell him so that is what we did last night.

He is absolutely made up I have to tell you, might seem low key on the video but as soon as that was done he was googling and checking out the ship and the places we are going. Funny thing though he didn't bring his reading glasses home from work so he couldn't read all the exciting details about the Cruise, he will do that today.

Now I have to prepare a journal so that I can work on it on the Cruise.
I joined a ning group called 21 Secrets, specifically because I knew that we would be doing the Cruise and I wanted to Journal it...It is a wonderful group as there are 21 teachers each giving their secrets on how they Journal, so with that amount of tutors it should be oh so possible to finally get round to Journalling my life, seriously I have so wanted to do this for a while now.
I always kept diaries so this is the next stage for me


Anonymous said...

HOW LOVELY! And how fun to actually SEE you and your family! Of course, you have these "accent" that I had a hard time understanding, but DID get the "f" word that Stuart tossed out!!!!!
Have a great time. My son-in-law was there a few years ago and loved it. Of course, he was with the military, so not as nice a trip as you are going to have!

Healing Woman said...

What a cute and funny video! I know you will love your time in Egypt. Be sure to take loads of pictures to share with all of us~

barb cabot said...

What a lovely and most thoughtful surprise gift. Have a wonderful trip. I love the fact that you will be journaling and that you joined the group to prepare. Enjoy enjoy. Sounds fabulous.

Tami Roth said...

Dawn - that is so awesome! What a trip of a lifetime and at a special time and celebration!