I just need to share with you the work of a friend of mine Marcel Fielden. Marcel is an artist who lives in Spain, he is English and moved over there with his wife and son for the good life and to pursue his creativity.
To see Marcel's work in real life is to experience wonder that a person can capture light and dark so wonderfully in his art. Totally amazing, jaw dropping to be precise.
Anyway I want to share with you the fact that Marcel knew my father in law Charlie and he was just finishing a piece when he heard that Charlie had passed away. Without hesitation he called the piece "Charlie's table" (or something close to that). My mother in law Tricia received a sympathy card from Marcel and Pam with the painting printed on the cover; I had to see this painting so I called around for my own private viewing.
I was so impressed with it and knew that it was going into the Exhibition that Marcel was having of his works in El Campello. The Exhibition started on the 4th of September... The 4th September is Tricia's birthday and I thought what a gift it would make for her. So I purchased it off Marcel, and he and Pam then said that they would put a sold sticker on it and present it to mum at the Exhibition.

I hoped that she would love it and she did, she rang me from the Exhibition hardly able to speak and now she is counting down the days to the hanging in her home, this will be after the Exhibition, so after 25th September....

This photo shows Marcel and Pam explaining to Tricia that the painting is sold and it is for her, her birthday present, as I said she could hardly talk for crying when she spoke to me to say Thank you.

Recording the moment, another photo.

Explaining how the painting is a reminder of Charlie (Dad) to Kelly - Dad loved food and dining so this picture is a perfect memorial to him.
Now if you want to see this picture close up and some more of the fabulous work have a look at Marcel's fledgling blog, I promise the click you make to take you their will be so worth it, have a coffee and take time to feast your eyes....
or check out his slide show
mesa para Charlie Gold y El rio
With the Exhibition coming to an end next week Marcel is going to do more with his blog and explain about some of the paintings he has created. If you want to not view as a slide show, click under where it says view all images and you can look at them all slowly - and spend more time looking at the paintings.

Thanks for dropping by, Love Dawn


Diane said...

What a wonderful poat and yes, a wonderful artist--thank you for sharing!!

carylsrealm said...

Awwww! How fabulous! :)

barbara burkard said...

What a BEAUTIFUL gift and post! And he is such a fantastic artist!!!! how wonderful...YOU are such a blessing to this world...big hugz

Tami Roth said...

Hello Dawn,
This is such a beautiful story and the painting is wonderful with the meaning behind it :)
Thank you for sharing sweetie!

Jo said...

What a moving post - such beautiful artwork from Marcel. WOW!