Well here I am in North Wales at Betws y Coed (don't know how to pronounce it!).
We drove up yesterday in the TVRs; Stuart and I, Richard and Julie (organisers extraordinaire of the weekend), Nick and Carrie, Richard and Chris and then joined later by Andre and Nina.
The trip up was fabulous, North Wales is BEAUTIFUL.
Spent a pleasant evening in the bar and retired at 10 so everyone was refreshed for today.

The group got their little packed lunches and set off at 10 this morning,I stayed at the hotel as I am not in to fast driving.
What was I going to do by myself all day...mmm let me see, what did I do.

I walked up the road from the hotel and found some wonderful shops to browse in, did I just browse? Of course not lol.
Another member of the TVR group who is arriving today is celebrating his 40th so I found a nice gift for him.
I got myself some Welsh slate coasters...to alter of course

and some sweet little hearts to use in my crafting somehow.

A bargain purchase of some photo frames, reduced from £48 to £11, silly not to get them!

Bought some Welsh cakes

The weather is being kind so I am happy, chilling, no housework...what could be better.
I have no idea what time they will all get back to hotel, but not bothered really..used to being by myself so doesn't worry me in the slightest.

That's it for now will post more on the weekend as it happens, take care xxx

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